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07 June 2012

Good Day,

Okay, before we head off for Andy's 12:30 CT, left wrist, surgery, I may have had a genealogy epiphany...

GG-Grandparents Philip and Margaret (née Doherty) Doherty’s first four children appear to have been:

1. Daniel Doherty, born 1863,
2. Gerald Doherty, born 1864,
3. Helen Doherty, born 1866, and
4. Mary Ellen Doherty, born 1868.

GG-Grandmother Margaret's parents were Gerald and Ellen (née McGuiness) Doherty.

According to the 1870 US Census the Docherty (aka Doherty) household included -

1. Philip Docherty, 38 years,
2. Margart Docherty, 30 years,
3. Jerald Docherty, 5 years,
4. Margartt Docherty, - 6/12 months,
5. Daniel Docherty, 60 years, and
6. Hugh Docherty, 28 years

A general rule of thumb in naming children, especially in Ireland, followed a naming convention and pattern.

Irish Naming Conventions

1. The 1st son (Daniel) was usually named after the father's father (Daniel ?). Is this the 60-year old Daniel Docherty listed living with Doherty (aka Docherty) Family in 1870? Could the 60-year Daniel Docherty have been gg-grandfather Philip’s father?

2. The 2nd son (Gerald) was usually named after the mother's father (Gerald). GG-Grandmother Margaret (née Doherty) Doherty’s father’s name was Gerald.

3. The 3rd son (Philip) was usually named after the father (Philip). GG-Grandfather’s name was Philip.

4. The 4th son (John Patrick) was usually named after the father's eldest brother (John ?). There is a coincidental family of Dohertys, according to the 1870 US Census, living down fromgg-grandparents Philip and Margaret Doherty’s house at 731 Madison Street in Wilmington. The John Doherty’s are living at 232 Madison Street. The head of the household, John Doherty is listed at 50 years old. GG-Grandfather Philip Doherty is listed at 48 years old. My question – Is John Doherty at 232 Madison Street gg-grandfather Philip Doherty’s older brother?

5. The 5th son was usually named after the mother's eldest brother. There is no 5th Doherty son on record, at this point in my search.

6. The 1st daughter (Helen) was usually named after the mother's mother (Ellen). Helen is an English variation of the name Ellen.

7. The 2nd daughter (Mary Ellen) was usually named after the father's mother, (Mary ?).

8. The 3rd daughter (Margaret aka Greta) was usually named after the mother (Margaret).

9. The 4th daughter (Frances aka Fannie Annie) was usually named after the mother's eldest sister, (Fannie ?). Could the Fannie Doherty, who passed away in 1895 at 731 Madison Street, have been gg-grandmother Margaret’s elder sister?

10. The 5th daughter (Mary Agnes) was usually named after the father's eldest sister, (Mary ?). This would tie to possibility that the 2nd daughter, great-grandaunt Mary Ellen may have been named for gg-grandfather Philip’s mother Mary. It also leads to the possibility that gg-grandfather Philip may have had an elder sister named Mary named for his mother who may have been named Mary. (Now trying saying that all in one breath…)

I have included all the family ancestors in red that would fit in the naming convention. All-things-being-equal the five blue names are the persons who a specific child may have been named after. Obviously there is a coincidence regarding the 1st son Daniel... and the possibility that he may have been named for the Daniel Docherty (aka Doherty) who was living in Philip and Margaret's home in 1870. This could lead that Daniel Docherty may have been Philip's father... I can't prove this as yet but it definitely makes some sense.

Here the updated Doherty Descendant Chart for cross-reference.

Certainly would appreciate anyone’s thoughts, ideas, comments, and questions. Also it certainly would be exciting if any Doherty descendant may have some notes, maybe a letter or a page from a Family Bible, or a photograph… or any type of cryptic memento that could assist in the search for the Doherty Family Lines.




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