Part 718dhg – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – mtDNA X2e1a1 = Doherty -> Holmes -> Gallagher

20 June 2012

Good Day,

I decided to take a completely different approach today on A Genealogy Hunt and discuss mtDNA or mitochondrial DNA. This discussion is specific to Andy’s mtDNA or his maternal line DNA.

All of Andy’s brothers and sisters should have the same mtDNA results. This information is only passed by his sisters to their daughters and sons. A daughter will pass her mtDNA to her children and only her daughters will pass the mtDNA structure to her children. Brothers and sons do not pass their mtDNA typing or coding to their children.

Andy received his mtDNA, X2e1a1, from his mother Myrtle Francis Gertrude (née Doherty) Brunhammer. She received her mtDNA from her mother Myrtle H. (née Holmes) Doherty… This continues back from daughter to mother to mother, and in this case, based on our records to Hannah (née Gallagher) Holmes.

All of Andy’s aunts and uncles received their mtDNA, X2e1a1, from their mother, Andy’s grandmother Myrtle H. (née Holmes) Doherty. And only his aunts have passed it on to their children, who in turn, his female cousins have passed it on to their children.

Andy’s mtDNA Haplogroup matches, based on the results in the Family Tree DNA database, are extremely interesting percentages. The Percentage is calculated from the Country of Origin reported to the total number from that country in the Family Tree DNA database.

There are three resulting matches and they are:

1. Ireland – 1 Match – Less than 0.1%

2. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya – 17 Matches – 19.5%

3. Tunisia – 5 Matches – 10%

Interesting results based on a total 23 Matches of the Country totals in the Family Tree DNA database of 2,923. These percentages could change in any direction depending upon the addition of more results and participants in the database.

The following is a Family Tree DNA mtDNA Migrations Map showing the possible movement and expansion of ancestry. I have highlighted the path of the Haplogroups - L3 to N to X which shows the approximate route of Andy's maternal line.

As testing is completed, the current results of Andy's mtDNA is X2e1a1. The chart shows the highlighted Haplogroup breakdown and the regional concentrations based on the results of database. Note that X2e concentrates to Georgia, Kyrgyz, Altai. The above inserted image of the map is that area.

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