Part 732h – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1854 Baptism – Great-Grandfather John Eugene Holmes – Tamaqua, Pennsylvania

14 July 2012

Good day,

And the generations and the documentation just keep on appearing… All-things-being-equal I haven’t clicked on any leaves, it just takes some considerable amount of time researching and digging, and digging and researching… and searching and searching.

From the Calvary Episcopal Church of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania Baptism Register I chanced upon the 7 May 1854 Baptism Registration of great-grandfather John Eugene Holmes. His parents are registered as great-great-grandparents Audley and Rebecca Holmes. Great-Grandfather John Eugene’s birthdate is listed as 20 June 1853.

Here is the image of corresponding pages from the Calvary Episcopal Church Baptisms Register. I was able to download the pages, Image 29 of 162, from the Pennsylvania, Church and Town Records, 1708-1985 database provided through

And my transcription –


DATE. – May 7th " (1854)
NAME. – John Eugene. –
PARENTS. – Audley & Rebecca Holmes
SPONSORS. – The Parents –
BIRTH. – June 20th, 1853

It does take time to find a document and relevant information and data.

A point of note – it is amazing the repetition of the name “John Eugene” through the generations of the family lines.

And just you wait until you read what I have most recently found. Definitely stay-tuned.




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