Part 766gh – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – The Search For Great-Grandmother Hannah (née Gallagher) Holmes – Episode IX

09 September 2012

Good Day,

In my search for the vital events and genealogy of great-grandmother Hannah (née Gallagher) Holmes I decided that I would summarize some of the ages that I have found on certain possibly-related documents. The following is a Table presenting ages as presented on some of the Documents that I have on file that relate to all possible Hannah Gallagher and Hannah, Hanora, Honora, Hanna, and Anna Holmes.

CensusDateRecorded AgeRecorded/Possible Birth Date
Hannah Gallagher
186003 Jun 18604/12Feb 1860
187029 Aug 1870121858
Hannah Holmes
188018 Jun 1880251855
1890- - -
190012 Jun 190045Aug 1854
191028 Apr 1910541856
192008 Jan 1920551865
193014 Apr 1930741856

I have not been able to confirm, as yet, that the Hannah Gallagher of the 1860 and 1870 Census and of the two Documents filed in 1878 with the Orphans’ Court of Schuylkill County is the same person as great-grandmother Hannah, aka Hanora, Honora and Anna as found in the 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 Censuses and the various Baptism Registrations from the Calvary Episcopal Church Register.

As previously discussed in my earlier Postings, and based on Family History, and on the various Family Trees that I have been able to find entered to, there are a number of coincidences that could indicate that great-grandmother Hannah Holmes may indeed have been the referenced Hannah Gallagher.

I am still waiting for responses from the authors of the public Family Trees entered on I have also sent an inquiry and research request to the Historical Society of Schuylkill County in the hopes that there may be a slim chance of finding a marriage record of great-grandparents John and Hannah Holmes. I would tender a guess that their marriage, if there was one, may have occurred at some time before the 10 June 1876 birth of their first son, granduncle John Herbert Holmes.

The next image is my Clooz 3.0 Hannah Gallagher report summarizing 17 of the documents that I have on file.

Please note that four Birth Event documents of great-grandmother Hannah Holmes children are not included in the Hannah Gallagher report. I have not been able to find the Birth/Baptism Registrations for granduncle Richard Boyd Holmes, nor of the twins, granduncles Oliver and Oscar Holmes. Also, even though I have discovered the actual 1898 Baptism Registration for grandmother Hannah Myrtle (née Holmes) Doherty there is no indication of the names of her parents on the registration.

I would certainly appreciate questions, thoughts, ideas, facts, and sources regarding the life and times of great-grandmother Hannah (née Gallagher) Holmes. Please feel to contact me via email.

And I am recuperating from my Olympic try-outs.




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