Part 769p – Smith Groh Genealogy – Pariza Family Line – 1910 US Census – Marinette City, Wisconsin

19 September 2012

Good Day,

Found my Niçoise Olives, Publix Greenwise. Supper – extremely good caramelized onions, with Niçoise Olives, thinly slice tomatoes, and Feta Cheese pizzas. Could have gone for two… Radar just wanted one.

My back is slowly getting back to normal… but I hope this is not what it feels like when I eventually get old. I am back to searching CK’s Ancestry. This time the search and research is for great-great-grandfather Joseph Willard Pariza. Check out my Placeway Descendant Chart – II.

The 1910 US Census of Marinette City, in Wisconsin, United States registered four Parizas at Carney Avenue. These included ggg-grandparents Leo and Mary, gg-grandfather Joseph W. (Willard), and gg-granduncle Harold Pariza.

The following are the two pages of the 1910 US Census as downloaded via

The next two reports, United States Federal Census Population Schedule, 1910 CUSWI000005 and CUSWI000006 are my information recording through Clooz 3.0.

Note that the 1910 US Census records ggg-grandparents Leo and Mary birth location as “Canada – French”. The search is on.




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