My Tangent - And You Thought I Was Giving My Genealogy A Break

21 October 2012

Good Day,

I haven't been posting or writing too much about my search and research of my genealogy this week, as I and Andy have been in Portland, Oregon at the Machine Quilters' Exhibition, MQX West 2012, this past number of days. Quilting design and construction is my other obsession and hobby.

I also thought that with the extent of our involvement in the world of quilting, fabric, and thread, on this far west side of the North American Continent, I wouldn't have so much as a chance to learn and absorb any form of research of ancestry history. And was I wrong!

There is quite a bit of uncovered history of the textile industry past in my genealogy, and one specific presentation at the Machine Quilters' Exhibition has certainly triggered some thoughts and ideas. The presentation, The Legacy of Linen has led my to think of revisiting the history and genealogy of my Crossley and Goodey Family Lines. I recollect some involvement in the textile industry in England, India, and Sweden. Now I have to continue my search and research.

I am awe-inspired by Cindy Needham's presentation The Legacy of Linen... and it is this display and presentation that his triggered my thoughts of continued research. Check out my Posting, The Legacy of Line, at my blog Quilts SB.

Just waiting for my plane to return home to Tampa. Stay tuned for my further search and research into the mysteries of all my genealogy. Enjoy,



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