Part 784p – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1918 WWI Registration – GGG-Grandfather Leo Pariza – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

27 October 2012

Good Day,

In my search work and research of genealogy and the past locations of ancestors and related connections it is always good news that I can uncover a piece of evidence that will make sense of past discovered bits of information.

Just recently I discovered a World War I Draft Registration Card for ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza. The card is dated 12 September 1918 and the registration took place the American Exchange Bank Building in the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This was the Third Registration and it was for men aged 18 to 21 and 31 to 45 – men born between 11 September 1872 and 12 September 1900.

There are 30 questions that are nominally answered by the Registrant. The above inserted image is a blank reproduction copy as provided by This copy is a good tool when viewing hard-to-read copies.

Number 12 is an extremely key question that may answer a number of pertinent questions regarding ggg-grandfather Leo. Number 12, under the classification of U.S. Citizen, states “Citizen by Father’s Naturalization before Registrant’s Majority”. Corresponding this with ggg-grandfather Leo’s information enumerated on the US Censuses, his birth location is noted, in most cases, as “Canada – French”. Question 12 indicates that he became an American citizen when his Father became one.

An exception to the general rule of applying for citizenship, from 1790 to 1922 was that of “derivative” citizenship. Derivative Citizenship was granted to wives and minor children of naturalized men. My next search question is “Where can I find gggg-grandfather Pariza’s Naturalization Records?” All-things-being-equal ggg-grandfather Leo’s father could have applied for citizenship sometime after 1886. This is based on the “Year of immigration to the United States” of “1884” as noted in the 1900 US Census.

Here is the image of front and back, from The National Archives, in Washington, DC, of ggg-grandfather Leo’s World War I Registration Card. I have highlighted question #12.

And my Clooz Reporting – WWIRCWI000001 –

Also there is another clue provided in this Registration Card. It is the name of the “Nearest Relative” – Mr(s) Ed Sauve". Who knows where this may lead?




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