Part 841p – Smith Groh Genealogy – Parisé Descendant Chart – Update

22 February 2013

Good Day,

In my search and research of the Parisé Family Line and Genealogy I have not, as yet, discovered any more children born to CK’s gggg-grandparents Thimothée and Catherine (née Grenier) Parisé than the six accounted for thus far. Both gggg-grandfather Thimothée and gggg-grandmother Catherine were a widower and widow, respectively.

Here is the newly updated Parisé Descendant Chart.

GGGG-grandfather Thimothée had been married previously to Juliene Chapados. Julienne (née Chapados) and their son, Louis Ligroi Parisé had passed away in 1866. GGGG-grandmother Catherine (née Grenier) Parisé had been married to Romain Huard. I have not discovered when he passed away nor have I found, at this point, whether gggg-grandmother Catherine and her first husband Romain ever had had any children.

I will now be focusing in on gggg-grandfather Thimothée Parisé ancestors. I continue my search and research.




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