Part 862s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1795 Mr. Smith - Attestation, Grenada

26 October 2013

Good day,

I continue in the search and research for clues to the origins of my ggg-grandfather James Smith.

My next record and document that I transcribe has only the mention of a "Mr. Smith" in the body of the attestation signed to by John Tarleton.  The date of the letter is 16 April 1795 and all-things-being-equal it could be related to as an extension of business and to the previous Power of Attorney assigned by John Tarleton et al to William Smith.  I do not have any immediate source that the "Mr. Smith" mentioned in this letter is the same "William Smith" of the 1794 Power of Attorney but there is a possible and logical coincidence. (See Part 861s.)

The source of this record is of the Grenada Register of Records and copied as an image to the microfilm FHL [1563328] and Item 2, Page 35.


Entered 30th September 1797 –
London 16 April 1795
Wm. Postlethwaite Esq
I have just time before the departure of this Mail to
acknowlege the receipt of you Letter of the 11th of February and in answer to which
I by leave to inform you that in conformity to my promise and guarantee to you
of Mr. Smith I shall duly accept the Bills you advise to have drawn on me for the
amount of the Mary’s Slaves as well as the Bills in favor of the Captain, Mates of
the Account Sales are undoubtedly very pleasing & satisfactory tho’ I wish the BIlls
had been at a longer sight.
I remain
Your mo hum sert.
John Tarleton
William Postlethwaite Esq.
Grenada – Before the Honorable Thomas Bridgwater Esquire Chief
Justice of the Court of Common Pleas for said Island established
Personally appeared John Dawson of Liverpool in the Kingdom of Great
Britain Merchant at present in the Town of Saint George on this Island, who being
duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God maketh Oath and saith that he
knows and is well acquainted with John Tarleton of Liverpool aforesaid Merchant
and also with his manner and Character of Hand writing and Subscription having
often seen him write and subscribe his Name, and having viewed and carefully
perused the Letter written on the other side of this Paper purporting to be a Letter
from the aforesaid John Tarleton to William Posthelwaite of the said Island of
Grenada Merchant and dated “London 16th April 1795 and subscribed “John
Tarleton” he saith that he verily and in his Conscience believes the whole of the said
Letter and also the Subscription to the same is of the proper hand writing &
Subscription of the aforesaid John Tarleton
John Dawson
Sworn to before me this }
30th Sept. 1797
Thomas Bridgwater

Is this William Smith? I do not know but all I can do at this point is continue my search and research.




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