Part 865s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1794 William Smith - Inquiry of Sale

11 November 2013

Good Day,

Well it looks like the confusion of the construction has almost come to a completion.   (Apologies about the near alliteration.) This means, of course, that I can now get back to an uninterrupted flow of my search and research for my ggg-grandfather James Smith.

My energy for the next little while, while I wait for some anticipated family information and details, will be to work with and transcribe the records and documents from the Grenada Registers of Records that do relate and possibly reference the surname Smith. All things being equal, and this is not a promise to myself, but I hope to work on at least two documents a week… for the next while.

Thank you Steve, Ashley, and Zöe for your comments and ideas.

The next document was entered in 1797, but written 6 August 1794. It appears to be a letter of intent presented by Mr. John Tarleton with what appears to be an offer to purchase. My guess would be that the "Smith" referred to in the record is the same William Smith who was appointed Power of Attorney 12 March 1794. See Part 861s.

This record was downloaded from the Grenada Registers of Records 1797-1817 (v. Gr-R2) and microfilm FHL[1563328].  Here are the images of pages 37 and 38.

The following is my transcription.


Entered 30 September 1797
Liverpool 6 Augt 1794

We have already wrote you fully by this opportunity to which we beg
have to refer The purpose of the present is therefore to acquaint You that if
you incline to sell the Mary's Cargoe of Negroes from Angola in any way of the
British Windward or in any of the lately conquered Islands, Mr. John Tarleton,
the writer hereof, will accept and pay your drafts upon him at the customary
sight of Bills at the time of the Sale of this Cargo of Slaves. You are on this
account to draw £2 ½ &Ct on the Sale and £2 ½ &Ct on the remittances for
this Cargo, & Mr. Tarleton who guarantees the debts & Bills is to draw the
remaining £5 & Cent as well as to entitled to any accruing interest on the same
in the same manner and mode, as he lately guaranteed Meſs Howard & Smith
respecting the Sale of the African Cargoes disposed of by them in Dominica
The Bills are to be drawn upon him payable in London, and in favor of Meſs
Tarletons & Backhouse, he also trusts they will not be drawn at leſs than 12, 15, &
18 months Sight, as his sole motive for guaranteeing You arises from the desire of
giving You a commiſsion on the Sale of these Negroes which on account of the
diſsolution, and termination of our late partnership, with Mr. Tarleton must be
sold under guarantee, and also to give you a farther testimony of his confidence
in your _____ to serve himself, and Mr Backhouse, and the sincere friendship
& regard he entertains for You
We are with much esteem
Dear Sirs
Your most obedt. Servt
Tarleton & Backhouse
Meſsrs Postlethwait & Smith

March Grenada

Grenada – Before the Honorable Thomas Bridgwater Esquire Chief Justice
of the Court of Common Pleas for said Island established
Personally appeared John Dawson of Liverpool in the Kingdom of Great Britain
Merchant at present in this Island, who being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists of
Almighty God maketh Oath and saith that he knows and is ell acquainted with
John Tarleton of Liverpool aforesaid Merchant carrying Trade there with
Daniel Backhouse under the Firm of Tarleton and Backhouse and also with his
manner and Character of Hand writing and Subscription having often seen him
write and subscribe his Name, and having viewed and carefully perused the Letter
written on part of the second & third Sides of this Sheet of Paper purporting to be a
Letter from the said Meſsrs Tarleton & Backhouse to Meſsrs Postlethwaite and Smith
of this Island Merchants and dated “Liverpool 6th August 1794” He saith that


He verily and in his Conscience believes the whole of the said Letter beginning
with the Words “Gentn We have already” and ending “ and the “sincere friendship
& regard he entertains for you” and subscribed “Tarleton & “Backhouse” is of the
proper hand writing & Subscription of the said John Tarleton of Liverpool aforesaid.
John Dawson
Sworn to before me this }
30th day of Septr. 1797. }
Thomas Bridgwater

This record does not provide a link back to ggg-grandfather James Smith, but it may be setting the stage for something more to come. Stay tuned and keep following my search and research. I certainly appreciate comments, ideas, thoughts and questions. Something more than just my wee and paltry grey matter may unlock some clue somewhere and sometime.




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