Part 882sr – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Haplogroup R-CTS7822

19 September 2014

Good Day,

Family Tree DNA has confirmed that my Y-DNA Haplogroup is R-CTS7822.  My Y-DNA Haplotree was created in partnership with The Genographic Project.

The following SNPs have shown up as positive: M207+; M173+; P25+; M343+; Z2105+; Z2103+; M269+;  L150+; L23+; and CTS7822+.

And these SNPs are indicated as negative: YSC0000072-; U198-; U152-; U106-; SRY2627-; P66-; P107-; M73-; M65-; M37-; M222-; M18-; M160-; M153-; M126-; L51-; L151-; and F2863-.

In the above Haplotree diagram I have highlighted the positive SNPs in yellow and the negative SNPs in buff.

This is my bloodline descent from three-times great grandfather James Smith of Grenada...(not Granada.) If you are a male descended from my ggg-grandfather James you too should find that your Y-DNA results would be considered the same.

I am still attempting to search and research the origins of James Smith.  As I learn I will try to divulge.

If you have any thoughts, questions, ideas, comments feel free to contact me at A Genealogy Hunt.




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