Part 884rl – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1758 Marriage – 5-Times Great Grandparents John and Ann (née Lisle) Robertson – Innerwick, Scotland

06 October 2014

Good Day,

I’ve been working on my start-up search and research and I decided to tackle my Robertson family line.

My search and research will now take me to Scotland and the area around the villages of Innerwick and Oldhamstocks in East Lothian, Scotland.  The current populations of the villages are about 450 and 200 give or take, respectively.

The following is the 1st December 1758 proclamation/marriage registration of 5-times great-grandparents John Robertson and Ann Lisle. The proclamation/marriage is recorded in the Old Parish Registers of Innerwick, East Lothian in Scotland.

(Source: ScotlandsPeople - Robertson, John (O.P.R. Marriages 711/00 0030 0349 Innerwick (East Lothian) and 
Family History Library - Parish registers for Innerwick, 1614-1857, FHL 1067850.)

My transcription –

Decr 1st 1758
John Robertson & Ann Lisle both in this
parish gave up their names to be proclaimed
Cautioner for the man John Robertson
his Father for the woman James
Lisle her Brother.

Definitions -

Proclaimed - The banns of marriage, commonly known simply as the "banns" or "bans" (from a Middle English word meaning "proclamation," rooted in Frankish and from there to Old French), are the public announcement in a Christian parish church of an impending marriage between two specified persons. (Wikipedia - Banns of marriage)

Cautioner - Scotch law, contracts. One who becomes bound as caution or surety for another, for the performance of any obligation or contract contained in a deed. (A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.)

I will be updating my Robertson Descendant Chart shortly.

If you have any idea, comments, thoughts, answers, please feel free to contact me at A Genealogy Hunt.




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