Part 888sr – Smith Robertson Genealogy – GGG-Grand Uncle John Robertson – A Poet – Oldhamstocks to Glasgow

09 November 2014

Good Day,

It is always a great feeling when I stumble upon a document, a piece of evidence that confirms some detail of the history and account of my genealogy.


Two nights ago I just happened upon a couple of pages from an 1893 publication, Minstrelsy of The Merse, The Poets and Poetry of Berwickshire, A County Anthology by the Rev. W.S. Crockett, F.S.A.Scot. I discovered two pages concerning my ggg-granduncle John Robertson - 

Pages 117 and 118.


The details in the short write up provides some corroborating evidence about ggg-granduncle John and his Robertson family origination in Oldhamstocks and their move to Glasgow in about 1792.

“he quitted his native village in his fourteenth year, made his way to Glasgow…”

GGG-Granduncle John Robertson was born and baptized in Oldhamstocks 4 March and 12 March 1779, respectively. And 14 years added to 1779 equals 1793…close enough.

My previous work and the collection of baptism registrations indicate that ggg-granduncle John and four of his five brothers, including ggg-grandfather Thomas, lived and were baptized in Oldhamstocks. His youngest brother, ggg-granduncle Robert Robertson was born in Glasgow 7th September 1792.

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And remember the details and the facts may change with the discovery of new documentation and writings.




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