Part 895s – Smith Robertson – The Search Continues for GGG-Grandfather James Smith – 1798/9

12 November 2016

Good Day,

This may be a surprise to all because it is one to me. And the wheels beginning ticking and turning.

An acquaintance, (thank you, Peter), just forwarded to me some clippings from copy of the 1798 “The St. George’s Chronicle and Grenada Gazette”. And of course, I am excited, and in Peter’s debt.

The copies, albeit the printed articles, refer to both a James and a William Smith. Could these Smiths be the ones that we’re looking for? Is this, are these the pieces of the puzzles that could lead me to the discovery of GGG-Grandfather James Smith’s father and, further, to a connection to a further distant relative(s)?

My transcriptions –

18th May 1798.

George, Free Mulato Woman, gives this pub
lic notice, that ∫he has this day given up to Wil
liam Stiel, acting executor of the Will of William
Smith, Merchant, decea∫ed, all the Negroes devi∫ed
to her by the Will of ∫aid decea∫ed (except one
lately dead) to be ∫old for the benefit of ∫aid e∫state.

NOTICE is hereby given, that on Tue∫day the
the 22d day of May in∫tant, at ten o’clock in
the forenoon will be ∫old at Vendue, at Farrell and
late the property of William Smith, Merchant, de-
cea∫ed, and by him in his Will devi∫ed to Felicité
Boisfermé, Free Mulato Woman, and by her given
up to the acting executor of ∫aid William Smith’s
Will, to be ∫old for the benefit of the creditors of
∫aid e∫tate. Terms Ca∫h on delivery.

Remember the "∫" is considered a long "s", and our case an "s"

In consideration of this find, Peter also sent me two more pages of clippings. I will be transcribing them as well as I will attempt to find a/some connection within the boy of my work in A Genealogy Hunt.

If you have any comment, question, thought, idea please feel free to contact me via email at A Genealogy Hunt.




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