Part 898sd – Smith Doret - Searching For The Origins of GGG-Grandmother Marie Ann (née Doret) Smith

19 December 2016

Good Day,

I remembered that France's archives for 100th Department, the one I used to find the documentation regarding our July family may be up online. The 100th Department is d'Outre-Mer. I thought that if I was able to use it for French Guiana why could I not use it for Martinique. And sure enough, I was able to find the links to the Archives Nationales d'Outre-Mer  -

A couple of things about using this site and most important it does not work with Google. It does work with Firefox.

Here is the link to the first part of the Birth Registration of Great-Grandmother Catherine Marie Antoinette July, 4 January 1861 in the Goree, Senegal Registration books -

Hoping we will be able to find something similar in Martinique for GGG-Grandmother Marie Ann Doret. Who knows?

I have begun searching through the documents and registration as available on line. It will be an arduous search as I will have to go town by town.

This Archive may also help in tracing my grandson's mother's portion of their family line of Parisé to the Quebec and the Gaspe Peninsula circa 1697.

The Outre-Mer Department encompasses all those lands and countries that did and still do fall under the auspices of the French Empire.

And if you know of anyone else in the family who may be interested in receiving my updates regarding the search please let me know their email mail so I can include them. Who knows, more than my two eyes and my one aging brain definitely may help with this continued search.




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