Part 906bs – Brunhammer Schwimmer – Which GGG-Grandaunt Marie Anne (née Schwimmer) Brunhammer is Which?

14 August 2017

Good Day,

And what do you do when two brothers, two GGG-Granduncles marry wives who both have the same name?

That’s right, GGG-Granduncle Laurent Brunhammer (born 2 Aug 1813, Hochstatt) and his younger brother Sébastien Brunhammer (born 8 May 1820, Hochstatt) both married wives named Marie Anne Schwimmer. And both couples decided to have children around the same time.

This is where it becomes confusing, and this is where I must carefully sift through the Birth Registrations to make sure who is who and who belongs to whom.

And it becomes more confusing when their elder brother GGG-Grandfather Joseph Brunhammer has three (3) wives; GGG-Grandmother Catherine (née Ganzer), and step-GGG-Grandmother Marie Anne (née Gugenberger), and step-GGG-Grandmother Sophie (née Berger). And so, there are children also arriving because of two of these marriages.

All I can imagine is the Registrar’s face and comments when a Brunhammer walks through the door of his office to register a new Brunhammer.

Anyway it took me sometime today to determine who is who, and who belongs to who.

First, all three, GGG-Grandfather Joseph and his two brothers GGG-Granduncle Laurent and GGG-Granduncle Sébastien were sons of GGGG-Grandfather Sébastien and Marguerite (née Ruess) Brunhammer. To date and with the proper documentation I have figured out that GGG-Granduncle Laurent Brunhammer (born 1813) married the Marie Anne Schwimmer (born about 1816) whose parents where Antoine Schwimmer (born about 1781) and Marie Anne Schlienger (died about 1829). GGG-Granduncle Sébastien (born 1820) married the other Marie Anne Schwimmer (born about 1820) whose parents were Michel Schwimmer (born about 1787) and Marie Anne Münch (born about 1787).

And yes, GGGG-Grandparents Sébastien and Marguerite (née Ruess) Brunhammer also had 4 daughters, that to date I have been able to find documentation regarding their births. To top it all the three brothers may have had at least 22 offspring. (And AH, you thought there were a great amount of Dohertys…)

Here is the roll call –

GGGG-Grandfather Sébastien Brunhammer (also spelled Bruhammer, Bruhamer and Brunhamer)
GGGG-Grandmother Marguerite Ruess

Joseph Brunhammer and Catherine Ganzer – GGG-Grandparents
      > Carl Brunhammer – GG-Granduncle
      > Catherine Brunhammer – GG-Grandaunt
      > Jean Brunhammer – GG-Granduncle
      > Jacques (Jacob) Brunhammer – GG-Grandfather
      > Joseph Alexandre Brunhammer – GG-Granduncle
      > Henri Laurent Brunhammer – GG-Granduncle
      > Jean Charles Brunhammer – GG-Granduncle

Joseph Brunhammer and Marie Ann Gugenberger – GGG-Grandfather and 2nd Wife

Joseph Brunhammer and Sophie Berger – GGG-Grandfather and 3rd Wife
      > Albert Eugène Brunhammer – ½ GG-Granduncle
      > Joseph Albert Brunhammer – ½ GG-Granduncle
      > Eugène Brunhammer – ½ GG-Granduncle

Agnes Brunhammer – GGG-Grandaunt

Laurent Brunhammer and Marie Anne Schwimmer – GGG-Granduncle and GGG-Grandaunt
     > Sixte Laurent Brunhammer – 1st Cousin 4-times removed
     > Madelaine Brunhammer – 1st Cousin 4-times removed
     > Thérèse Brunhammer – 1st Cousin 4-times removed
     > Marie Anne Brunhammer – 1st Cousin 4-times removed
     > Josephine Brunhammer – 1st Cousin 4-times removed
     > Catherine Brunhammer – 1st Cousin 4-times removed

Therresse Brunhammer – GGG-Grandaunt

Magdeline Brunhammer – GGG-Grandaunt

Sébastien Brunhammer and Marie Anne Schwimmer – GGG-Granduncle and GGG-Grandaunt
     > Joseph Brunhammer – 1st Cousin 4-times removed
     > Aloïse Brunhammer – 1st Cousin 4-times removed

Marguerite Brunhammer – GGG-Grandaunt

And the genealogy research and search for ancestors and descendants continue.

Family connections can be seen on the family tree, the Brunhammer Doherty Family Tree. If you would like access to the tree you will need an invitation from me. You can sign up with Ancestry, and from what I understand, WITHOUT having to take a membership subscription. Feel free to contact me at if you would like to receive an invite to the Brunhammer Doherty Family Tree.

If you have any comment, question, thought, idea please feel free to contact me via email at A Genealogy Hunt.




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