Part 908bs – Brunhammer Schwimmer – 1851 Marriage Registration Sébastien Bruhammer and Marie Anne Schwimmer

24 August 2017

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The work in finding out whether Marie Anne Schwimmer is related to Marie Anne Schwimmer continues. Today I am working on the 1851 Marriage Registration of GGG-Granduncle Sébastien Brunhammer and Marie Schwimmer.

GGG-Granduncle Sébastien was 4-times Great-Grandfather Sébastien’s youngest son. He and GGGG-Grandmother Marguerite (née Ruess) had 3 sons; GGG-Grandfather Joseph, GGG-Granduncle Laurent and GGG-Granduncle Sébastien, that I am currently aware of. GGGG-Grandparents Sébastien and Marguerite (née Ruess) Brunhammer also had 4 daughters: GGG-Grandaunts Agnes, Therresse, Magdeline, and Marguerite. (I’ll be researching their families and descendants later.

Also, I should make a note here. It is concerning the surname Brunhammer. I have seen and come across various and sundry documents that have the name spelled in different ways. This just means, that by all accounts, all are correct. The surnames are Bruhamer, Bruhammer, Brunhammer, and Brunhamer. As you cross the generations you may see and know the surname in any of these spelling formats. None of them are incorrect. And any of them may apply to various branches of the family tree. In general, I will be referring to the surname as Brunhammer primarily as this is the format that I was first introduced to the name.

Now the youngest brother GGG-Granduncle Sébastien Brunhammer, who appears to be named after his father GGGG-Grandfather Sébastien did marry a wife whose name was also Marie Anne Schwimmer. This was the same as his older brother GGG-Granduncle Laurent. His wife was also Marie Anne Schwimmer.

And my quest is to find out whether the two Marie Anne Schwimmers were or were not related.

In Part 907bs – Brunhammer Schwimmer – 1842 Marriage Registration Laurent Bruhammer and Marie Anne Schwimmer we discovered that this Marie Anne Schwimmer was the daughter of Antoine Schwimmer and his late wife Marie Ann Schlienger. This Marie Anne Schwimmer was born in 1816.

And here is the first of two differences. The Marie Anne Schwimmer who married younger brother Sébastien Bruhammer was born in 1820.  Also her parents were Michel Schwimmer and Marie Anne Münch.

I have now found the 1851 Marriage Registration for GGG-Granduncle Sébastien Bruhammer and his wife Marie Anne Schwimmer. Here is my work from the Archives départementales du Haut-Rhin.

Image 421

No 4.
Bruhammer Sebastien
Schwimmer M. Anne

L’an dix huit cent cinquante-un, le quatorze Mai à neuf heuresdu matin pardevant nous Ignace Müller maire et officier de l’état civil dela commune de Hochstatt, canton d’Altkirch, Départment dy Haut-Rhin sont comparus Sébastien Bruhammer, ouvrier de fabrique,âgé de trent-un ans né le sept février dix huit vingt et domicilié ence lieu, majeur fils des conjoints Sébastien Bruhammer, Charpentierâgé de soiixante-dix ans et Marguerite Ruess sans état, âgée de
soixante-cinq ans les deux domiciliés en ce lieu, à ce présents et consentantsd’une part, et Demmoiselle Marie Anne Schwimmer, ouvrière dufabrique, âgée de trente ans, née le dix Décembre dix huit cent vingt etdomiciliée en ce lieu, majeure, fille des conjoints Michel Schwimmerjournalier, âgé de soixante-quatorze anns et Marie Anne Münch,sans état, âgée de soixante-quatre ans, led deux domiciliés en ce lieu,à ce presents et consentants, dáutre part, lesquels nous ont requisde procéder à la celebration du marriage projeté entre eux et don’t lespublications ont été faites dans cette commune devant la principaleporte d’entrée de la maison commune les Dimanches quatre et onzede ce mois, chaque fois à midi, aucune opposition au dit marriage ne
nous ayant été signifiée faisant droit à leur requisition, après avoitdonne lecture du Chapitre Six de Citre de code civil intituté dumarriage, nous avons demandé au future époux et à la future épouses’ils veulent se prendre pour mari et pour femme, chacun d’eux ayantrépondu séparément et affirmativement nous dçlarons au nom de
loi que Sébastien Brunhammer et la Demoiselle Marie AnneSchwimmer sont unis par le marriage qui a été publiquementcélébré dans (lieus) dans notre maison commune, de quoi nous avons
dressé acte en presence de Laurent Bruhammer, ouvrier de
fabrique, âgé de trente-neuf ans, frère de nouvel époux, de GeorgeSchwimmer, ouvrier de fabrique, âgé de quarante ans, frère de la
nouvelle épouse, de Gaspard Göpsert, cultivateur, âgé de vingt-huit anscousin germain de la nouvelle épouse et d’Antoine Brunner,ouvrier de fabrique, âgé de vingt-neuf ans, non parent des nouveauxépoux, lles quatre domiciliés en ce lieu, lesquels, après qu’illeur en a e été donné lecture sont signé avec nous et les
parties contractantes fui n’ont pas passé contrat de marriage.

No. 4.
Bruhammer Sebastien
Schwimmer M. Anne

In the year one eighteen hundred and fifty-one, on the fourteenth of May at nine o'clock in the morning before us Ignace Müller mayor and civil registrar of the commune of Hochstatt, canton of Altkirch, Department of the Haut-Rhin Sebastien Bruhammer , A factory worker, aged thirty-one years of age, born on the eighth of February and eighteen and domiciled in this place, major son of the spouses Sébastien Bruhammer, a seventy-year-old Charpentier and a stateless Marguerite Ruess, aged sixty-five The two domiciled in this place, to this present and consenting, on the one hand, and Demoiselle Marie Anne Schwimmer, worker of the factory, thirty years old, born on the 10th of December eighteen hundred and twenty and domiciled in this place, major, daughter of Spouses Michel Schwimmer, aged of seventy-four years, and Marie Anne Münch, stateless, aged sixty-four, two of them domiciled there, present and consenting, on the other hand, who required us to proceed R to the celebration of marriage projected between them and of which the publications were made in this commune in front of the main door of entrance of the common house on Sundays four and eleven of this month, each time at noon, no opposition to the said After having read Chapter Six of the Code of Civil Code of Marriage, we have asked the future husband and the future wife if they wish to take themselves as husband and for wife , Each of them having replied separately and affirmatively we declare in the name of law that Sébastien Brunhammer and the Miss Marie Anne Schwimmer are united by the marriage which was publicly celebrated in (place) in our common house, of which we have drawn up act In the presence of Laurent Bruhammer, a factory worker, aged thirty-nine, brother of the new husband, of George Schwimmer, factory worker, forty years of age, brother of the new wife, Gaspard Göpsert, a farmer, aged twenty-eight, the first cousin of the new wife, and Antoine Brunner, a factory worker, aged twenty-nine years, not a relative of the new spouses Four persons domiciled there, who, after they have been read to them, are signed with us, and the contracting parties have not entered into a contract of marriage.

Question - Was Antoine Schwimmer related to Michel Schwimmer? Stay-tuned.

Just my observations.

And now onto another piece of evidence.

The genealogy research and search for ancestors and descendants continue.

Family connections can be seen on the family tree, the Brunhammer Doherty Family Tree. If you would like access to the tree you will need an invitation from me. You can sign up with Ancestry, and from what I understand, without having to take a membership subscription. Feel free to contact me at if you would like to receive an invite to the Brunhammer Doherty Family Tree.

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