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06 September 2017

Good Day,

In my search for the answer whether the two Marie Anne Schwimmers are related, at this time I have a feeling that they may not have been… But this can change if there is a distant past connection.

And the other issue that I have encountered is that the Church Marriage Registers for Hochstatt in Haut-Rhin between the years of about 1734 through 1753, mid-18th Century, do not appear to exist. This may or may not have been due to the constant turmoil resulting from the Reformation, the Thirty Years’ War, the French Revolution, and the constant conflicts regarding the lands and countries.

There is a positive note because of my search. I believe I have come across the Hochstatt Marriage Registration of GGGGG-Grandparents Conradus Bruhammer and Anna Maria Fürst. This is 6-times Great to Andy, and to some Brunhammer descendants 7-times Great and 8-times Great.

This is a clipping of the document –

And the attempted transcription of the Latin. Thanks to Johann K, Mark S, and Anna L M of Genealogy Translations group on Facebook and Wayne Q for their assistance.

Conradus Bruhamer ex Sackingen filius legitimusdefuncti Conradi Bruhamer in vivus civis in Sackingenet Elisabethae Looserin pariterqué Anna Maria Fürstfilia legitima defunctorum conjugum ac civium hujis
loci Petri Fürst et Anna Maria Schoflerin obfervatis
obfervadis una tantum denuntiatione defuper duabus
abs R(everendi)ss(i)mo D(omin)o Vicario Generali et Episcopo
Lyddensi dispensati de die octova Junij coram
requisitis testibus abs ma frani: Mart: Lysch parocho
copulati sunt die decima Junij anni millesimi
Septingontesimi Septuageseimi Sexti qui cum testibusse subscripserunt Sig(num) Sponsi Sig(num) X SponsaeAntoni Schere Alexander Philippus minister
Ita est in autographa testator Lyseh p(aroc)hus

Attempted translation –

Conrad Bruhamer of Sackingen is a legitimate son of the dead, of Conrad Bruhamer, and the living citizen in Sackingen and Elizabeth Looserin as well the mother, and of Anna Marie Fürst, the daughter, of the manner of the masses for the dead of the couple and of the citizens of this passage, Peter Fürst and Anna Maria Schoflerin Consider the observation there is only one announced by the same thereon two are from the most reverend Lord, the vicar general and the bishop, Lyddensi administered on day 8th of June in the presence of the required witnesses from MA franc, Mars Lysch pastor united 10th day of June in the year 1776 with witnesses that subscribed signed Spouse signed X to the spouse Anthony Schere, Alexander Philipp minister

Thus in his own handwriting testator Lyseh the pastor

All-things-being-equal, and from what I can garner from the Marriage Register, GGGGG Conrad Bruhamer was from Sackingen. His parents, GGGGGG-Grandfather Conrad and GGGGGG-Grandmother Elisabeth (née Looserin) Bruhamer had passed away at the time of his marriage.

He married GGGGG-Grandmother Anna Marie Fürst. Her parents were GGGGGG-Grandparents Peter and Anna Marie (née Schoflerin) Fürst. I am not sure but from the details of the Latin one of them may have also passed away prior to the marriage. I am a bit confused as to exactly where they were from.

The marriage does take place in Hochstatt, in Haut-Rhin, Alsace, France.  It appears that the marriage did take place on the 10 June 1776. There may be references to certain requirements which were completed prior to the actual wedding.

And of course, this now opens the opportunity to search for a Birth Registration for GGGGG-Grandfather Conrad Bruhamer in Säckingen.

According to Google Maps, Hochstatt is approximately 63.3 kilometers, walking about 13 ¼ hours, from Säckingen.

Just my observations.

And now onto another piece of evidence.

The genealogy research and search for ancestors and descendants continue.

Family connections can be seen on the family tree, the Brunhammer Doherty Family Tree. If you would like access to the tree you will need an invitation from me. You can sign up with Ancestry, and from what I understand, without having to take a membership subscription. Feel free to contact me at if you would like to receive an invite to the Brunhammer Doherty Family Tree.

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