Part 913bf – Brunhammer Fürst – 1818 GGGGG-Grandmother Anne Marie Bruhamer's Passing

22 September 2017

Good Day,

Last night flipping through electronic pages of the digitized images of Baptism, Marriage, and Death registers I was able to find the Death Registration for GGGGG-(5-times)-Great-Grandmother Anne Marie (née Fürst) Bruhamer. She passed away at one of her son's home in Hochstatt, Haut-Rhin at 10:00 pm on the 25th of July 1818. The son who reported the passing was GGGG-(4-times)-Great-Grandfather Sébastien.

GGGGG-Great-Grandmother Anne Marie was 68 years old at the time of her death, as it was reported, and further, she was recorded as the widow of GGGGG-(5-times)-Great-Grandfather Conrad Bruhamer.

Here is the entry as recorded in French.

This is my attempt at transcribing the document. I am having a bit of a problem transcribing, reading, the actual name of the street of GGGG-Great-Grandfather Sébastien's home.

Fürst Anne Marie
Acte de décés
L'an dix huit cent dix huit, le vingt six du mois de Juilletà huit heures du matin, pardevant nous Maire officier de l'étatCivil de la Commune de Hochstatt, Canton d'Altkirch,Département du Haut Rhin, sont comparus SébastienBruhamer Journalieur et Jean Adam Bay les deux domiciliésen cette commune les quels nous ont déclaré que hierà dix heures du soir, Anne Marie Fürst ageé de soixanteet huit ans veuve de Conrad Bruhamer du dit lieu, estdécédé en la maison de son fils rue dit chälhergrasset ont les déclaurons signé avec nous le présent actede déçés, apres que Lecture leui eu a êté faite.

And my translation -


Fürst Anne Marie

Death certificate

In the year eighteen hundred and eighteen, the twenty-sixth of July at eight o'clock in the morning, before us Mayor of the Civil Registry of the Commune of Hochstatt, Canton of Altkirch, Department of the Upper Rhine, appeared Sébastian Bruhamer Journalier and Jean Adam Bay, both of whom lived in this commune, told us that yesterday at ten o'clock in the evening Anne Marie Fürst, aged sixty-eight, widow of Conrad Bruhamer, died at her son's house châlhergrass(?) street and have declared that they signed with us the present deed, after the Reading it has been made.

Here is the Brunhammer Research Work Sheet highlighting GGGGG-Great-Grandmother Anne Marie (née Fürst) Bruhamer.

The genealogy research and search for ancestors and descendants continue.

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