Part 918s - Autosomal DNA Testing - Is It Genealogy?

21 March 2018

Good Day,

Following up to my Autosomal DNA comparison exercise, I, serendipitously, stumbled upon an article at the online magazine Vice. Please, understand that I am not trying “to trash” Autosomal DNA testing. I am just trying to point out that it has become an immature tangent of what one could consider is correct genealogy research.

Is it a tool? Yes. Is Autosomal DNA testing providing the answers to the pure science of genealogy and genetic research? In my humble opinion, again Autosomal DNA does not provide the complete and correct end to the questions of one’s genealogy, the study of family origins and history.

Does it provide possible answers to unknown connections and answers to unasked questions? Yes, maybe, and no.

The Vice article by Moses Monterroza, March 21, 2018, “I Tested My DNA and Learned About Self-Delusion”  

“Obviously, nothing actually changed. After all, these results are really just percentages vaguely indicating that I am associated with several specific regions on Earth. And really, that’s it. There’s no renewed sense of self, no reconnection with my past, just a bunch of percentage points.”

Take a few moments and read Monterroza’s article. He does present an interesting point of view.

And note, that genealogy is a formidable task of wading through reams and reams of papers and films. It is the searching for and the researching of those glimpses into the past of who and when your ancestors and ancient family existed. It is not necessarily a percentage or estimate provided by a corporation. A corporation and/or organization that is currently examining their bottom line and net return on subscription dues.

Just my opinion.



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