Part 927ks – 1734 Birth Registration of 5-Times Great-Grandmother Maria Sophia (née Satzger) Katz

14 November 2018

Good Day,

Well, I am certainly glad that there are more than one set of eyes reviewing this work.

I was able to find the 1734 Birth Registration of 5-times Great--Grandmother Maria Sophia (née Satzger) Katz in the Durlach directory. And the example of penmanship is certainly a positive reason for us to continue teaching cursive writing in schools today.

Here’s an image of the pages. The Birth Registration is highlighted.

And now the 1734 Birth Registration.

Thank you, Gert, for helping me with the transcription and translation.

As you can see this one is extremely difficult.

An – 1734 – Year - 1734

d. 25. Maria Sophia
Philipp Hein[rich] Satzger, Dreher [=turner]
Maria Elisabetha

Gevatte[rn] [=godparents:]H. .. Lary [?], fürstl. Chirurgus [=princely surgeon]Frau Maria Dorothea ...gin [Satzgerin?]
Peter [?] Conrad [?] Schroeder [Schrader?], Pe[rücken]Macher [? (wigmaker)] cum
uxorem [=and his wife] Maria Sophia

Facts and Clues –

Fact –

1. 5-times Great-Grandmother Maria Sophia (née Satzger) Katz was christened on 25 November 1734 in Durlach, Bavaria.

2. Her parents are identified as 6-times Great-Grandfather Philipp Heinrich Satzger and 6-times Great-Grandmother Maria Elisabetha.

3. 6-times Great-Grandmother Maria Elisabetha’s surname does not appear to have been included in the Registration.

4. 6-times Great-Grandfather Philipp Heinrich Stazger’s occupation can be read as a “turner”. See Part 925ks at


5. The assumption is that 6-times Great-Grandparents Philipp Heinrich and Maria Elisabetha Satzger may have had other children.

Fact –

6. I was able to find 5 more Birth Registrations for 5 more children of 6-times Great-Grandparents Philipp Heinrich and Maria Elisabetha Satzger.

7. 6-times Great-Grandmother Maria Elisabetha’s name was included on the additional 5 Birth Registrations in various forms. These included Maria Anna and Anna Elisabetha. 6-times Great-Grandfather Philipp Heinrich’s name appears to be consistent on all the 5 other Birth Registrations.

8. 6-times Great-Grandmother Maria Anna Elisabetha’s surname was included on the other Birth Registration. It was either Hager or Hagerin.


9. It appears that, unless there are other children born before 5-times Great-Grandmother Maria Sophia (née Stager) Katz, before 1734, she may have been the eldest child.

10. It may be possible that 6-times Great-Grandparents Philipp Heinrich and Maria Anna Elisabetha (née Hager) Satzger may have been married sometime in the early 1730s.

Here is the updated Brunhammer Katz Descendant Chart.

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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