Part 939ss - 1846 GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott Marries Eliza Miller

09 May 2019

Good day,

At long last!

I have found a good source for the 1846 Marriage of GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott to Eliza Miller.

Transcription -

Same day, at Lyston, Essex, by the Rev. J. I. Worship,
Alexander Reid Scott, Esq., of Kingston, Jamaica, to
Eliza, only daughter of the late Alexander Miller, Esq,
of the same place."

The "same day" refers to the previous Marriage Registration and the time frame of "On Tuesday last".  Calculating that from the date of the Bury and Norwich Post, and East Anglian, 8 July 1846, I would say that GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott's and Eliza Miller`s marriage happened on 7 July 1846.

There is an issue that their 1846 Marriage was registered in Sudbury, Suffolk, England in the 2nd Quarter. According to the Post it took place, from my interpretation on July 7, which is in the 3rd Quarter. Note also, the difference between the two Counties of Essex and Suffolk. Liston, Essex is less than 3 miles north of Sudbury.

Also, something should be noted, that today Lyston is spelled as Liston in Essex.

We have found the Marriages Registered in April, May, June 1846.

Here are the copies of the 1846 Marriage Registrations for GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott and Eliza Miller.

Here is an quick update, which or course can change as the research continues, of GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott`s and Eliza Miller`s Ancestry Chart.

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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