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01 January 2007

Greetings and good-day...

This is sort-of a relaxed blog about my attempts to search, investigate, research, and trace my family roots. It's a collection of my thoughts and trials as I wade through the mass of papers, data, documents, images and ideas that relate to my family connections. Any time I'm presented with an idea or thought I try to realize and understand the source of the information and further, I try to see where I can fit the piece of the puzzle into the Tree.

This Blog will always be a work-in-progress as I delve into the past lives and histories of my family lines, the world over. I do not in way shape or form claim to be an expert or a professional, I am just obsessed with genealogy… And maybe that is a good thing.

When I first began my research, in 2003, into the life and passing of my uncle Jim Robertson for whom I was named, the Internet was beginning to come into play as a viable tool. Today it is a key component in the field of search, research, archiving, calculating, and communicating in the many different areas and arenas of genealogical and ancestry study. As my family and relatives, and friends are spread all over the world it, the Internet, allows for the immediate flow of information and online discussions.

This Blog, A Genealogy Hunt, is the journey of my search and research. Feel free to wander through my Posts, my ramblings, and my Tangents, at your will and leisure. Have a good time checking out my research and my analyses. And feel free to contact me at any time with your questions and comments and ideas. We are only a cable line or sound wave away.




Unknown on September 7, 2018 at 4:52 AM said...

Are you looking for information on Daphne Joan Fuller? She was my fathers sister

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