Afternoon May 4, 2009 - Sort of An Update

05 May 2009


I’m sure some of you are breathing a sigh of relief that he hasn’t added any attachments this morning... or that he hasn’t included some new/old intrigue about the family from days gone by.

I’ve been taking a breather, and thinking of my next “mode of attack”. And the piles of papers still keep growing, and the folders in the databases are way beyond capacity.

I did enroll in another Scottish Genealogy class, which was to start today… but due to some unforeseen circumstances it was postponed until the fall. I think this will be about the 30th class I have registered and taken. And of course I’ve now got to polish up again on my French and Latin and "some-what-shaky" transcription skills. Not for the Scottish classes, but to address the images of documents from France and Senegal.

And of course the PC is back and running with a brand new video card so that should, all-thing-being-equal, enhance the quality of the image investigations. (The lightning season is about to start in Tampa…) And I’m just trying not to allow myself to be too bogged down with the number of family-related projects that are underway and waiting in the wings.

I need to organize, or at least come up with a good way of managing the multiple searches and projects that I’ve undertaken… as well as the new ideas that keep popping up and are on the back burner.

And the names include – Smith, (and Lloydsmith); Robertson; Abraham; July; Goodey; Crossley; Stevens; Merrifield; Elder, (and Ehrenstein); McCullogh; Trefry; Merrifield; Bailey; Megwire; Parker; Miller; Kendal; Newall; Warner; Dudgeon; Lyle; Scott; McKowan; Thomas; Doret; Rush; Steele; Brebner; Salmon; Ham; Chevalier; Boyle; Olton; Brunhammer; Doherty; Green; Myers; Billham; etc…

And the range of places include – England; Scotland; Ireland; Wales; France; Italy; Austria; Czechoslovakia; Quebec, Nova Scotia; Quebec; Connecticut; North Carolina; Vermont; New York; Jamaica; Grenada; Guyana, (and British Guiana); Cayenne, (and French Guiana); Surinam, (and Dutch Guiana); Senegal; St. Kitts; Barbados; California; Holland, (and The Netherlands); The Bahamas; Massachusetts; Ohio; Trinidad; and etc., etc., etc… and I can't forget Maine or New Brunswick...

Enjoy your coffee.


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