Evening, May 20, 2009 - Rain and a Red Hat

20 May 2009

Evening, from a cold damp Tampa. Not flooded, just bloody cold. Very unusual for this time of year. There are hints of humidity through out the day, but the weather is sort of like a climatic roller-coaster. Very strange. Hopefully it's not the prediction of things to come this summer and of a wicked hurricane season. One thing I am really confused by is those people who are asking for the lifting of watering restrictions... Why? The powers that be certainly are sending down ample. Just don't go driving through off-road puddles... please.

I'm saddened by the passing last night of my red-hat friend from across the street. At 84 years she certainly gifted me the hope of enjoying the strength of her life. I'll miss her.

I've been working on a new friend's genealogy. I am thrilled and astounded at the wealth of knowledge and collections that has been gathered over the years. I'm working on the organization and streamlining of the data and the choice nuggets of lives to assist my friend relate a life story to grandchildren.



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