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09 May 2009


Tampa's warming up. It's dry, and apart from the trace of smoke in the air I can feel the humidity is starting. Hurricane season also around the corner - June 1. Everyone moves into their weather-panic mode. I'm just thinking about how the downpours will effect the new plants. Suppose the best way to look at it... I can always start again.

The picture to the left is of great-grandaunt Grace Eliza (née SMITH) GENTLE.

Following up on the discussion I began about great-grandaunt Grace Eliza (née SMITH) and her husband great-granduncle The Venerable Archdeacon George Augustus GENTLE, on May 5, I discovered some new information and data Thursday night past... (New to me, that is.) As I had mentioned family lore had provided me with the information that great-grandaunt Eliza Grace and great-granduncle George Augustus had had five children: George; Nellie; May; Helen Myra Elaine, born about 1875; and Margaret Lilian Greaves, born about 1892. (Steve and Peter, I believe great-grandaunt Grace Eliza was your great-grandmother.) Another set of family history provided me with a list of eight children: Evelyn; Harold; Nellie; May; Myra; George; Daisy; and Louise.

Thursday night I found a Civil Birth Index on FHL 1523480 referencing the Birth Registrations in St. Patrick's Parish in Grenada of seven births registered to great-grandaunt Grace Eliza and great-granduncle George Augustus. From two microfilms FHL 1523479 and FHL 1523480 these are:

1. FHL 1523479, Item 20, Page 194, No. 173 - Female, born 18 July 1874;
2. FHL 1523479, Item 20, Page 256, No. 610 - Female, born 25 February 1876;
3. FHL 1523479, Item 21,Page 26, No. 176 - Female, born 18 July 1877;
4. FHL 1523479, Item 21, Page 123, No. 885 - Male, born 22 May 1880;
5. FHL 1523479, Item 21, Page 234, No. 1634 - Female, born 9 August 1883;
6. FHL 1523479, Item 22, Page 31, No. 212 - Male, born 11 February 1886; and
7. FHL 1523480, Item 1, Page 151, No. 1049 - Female, born 27 November 1888.

And now the issue is which birth registration belongs to which descendant. Also, is there another birth registration. As you can tell from the dates found, there are a number of dates when another GENTLE child could have been born.

I do have image copies of the above seven pages. Please drop me a line at either jsmith58@gmail.com or jsmith58@tampabay.rr.com if you would like me to send you a set. Please reference this blog title.



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