Morning, May 11, 2009 - Reference Books and Sources

11 May 2009


I've decided to proceed with the creation of a list of books, physical and on line, that I have and I have used in my research. This list should, all-things-being-equal, be never completed... sort of like my own personal basic card catalog. And as I am creating it as a part of this blog, the hope is that I will be able to reference it from any location that I can login to my blog... This list should help me to avoid purchasing the same book twice, but of course that's not a guarantee. Many thanks to those who directed me to the book and/or sent me a copy.

To start with here a just a few that are sitting atop the desk beside me:

- Before the Sunset; Eileen Gentle; Shoreline, Quebec, Canada: 1989

- Evidence Explained; Elizabeth Shown Mills; Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland, USA: 2007.

- Selected Vital Records From The Jamaican Daily Gleaner Volume 1: 1865-1915; compiled by Madeline E. Mitchell; Heritage Books, Westminster, Maryland, USA:2007.

- The Grenada Handbook, Directory and Almanac For The Year 1901-1902; compiled by The Colonial Secretary; Sampson Low, Marston & Company, London, England: 1901. (On-line...)

- The Grenada Handbook and Directory 1946; compiled by E. Gittens Knight, The Advocate Co., Ltd., Bridgetown, Barbados, B.W.I.:1946. (Thanks Steve...)

- The Island of One People; Marilyn Delevante and Anthony Alberga; Ian Randle Publishers, Kingston, Jamaica: 2006. (Thanks Heather...)

- The Laws of Grenada, And The Grenadines; From The Year 1766, To The Year 1852; edited by William Snagg; Thames Ditton, Surrey, England, 1852. (On-line...)

- The Western Synagogue Through Two Centuries (1761-1961); Arthur Barnett; Valentine, Mitchell & Co., Ltd., London, England: 1961

This is a start, and shortly, thanks Joel, I'll be including a self-contained list on this blog.

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