Morning, May 14, 2009 - Early Smith Baptism/Birth Study

13 May 2009


Tampa is wet this morning. Hope you're enjoying that morning coffee. Does anyone know where I can get Jamaican Blue Mountain beans without paying through the roof?

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can... research the name Jim SMITH. Did you know that the name SMITH is the most common surname, at least in the English language? (Check out James alone, on the other hand is relative, but take a gander at the at the Long-Term Trends in Personal Given Name Frequencies in the UK paper at the Given Name Frequency Project. But coupled together, I'm looking for at least two ancestors with the same name as I have, Jim/James SMITH! A research nightmare... maybe?

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm working on a review of SMITH baptism images that I was able to capture from the microfilm FHL1523656 - Parish registers, 1784-1971. Based on this information, which I must reiterate is only from microfilm FHL1523656, I have been able to construct a three-generation descendency chart that begins with my three-times (ggg) great-grandparents James and Mary Ann (nee DORET) SMITH. Included is a part of my blood line from my ggg-grandfather James, my gg-grandfather James, Jr. and my great-grandfather William James.

Please understand that the information presented here in the included descendent chart is my reading and transcriptions of the baptismal registrations as presented in the registers. I have constructed these connections many times in different models in the hope that I may 1. see something that I may have missed previously, and 2. hopefully find some clue that would open a door that would lead to more historical information of ggg-grandfather James SMITH and the Smith family.

The information in the image, created with the software GenoPro, presented here is solely based on the baptismal registrations. The following are points, abbreviations and representations that I take into account when referring only to this chart. These points are:

1. A square represents a male and a circle represents a female.

2. The year above a square or a circle is the year of the individual's baptism and/or birth, exact or approximated based on the information provided by the baptism registration entry.

3. The number within the square or circle represents the age of the person would be today calculated based on the information and dates provided in the baptism registers.

4. A blank square or circle simply means that the reviewed baptism registrations do not provide a date, either at all or legible.

5. I use a question mark, "?", to indicate that the baptism register at this point does not include a specific name(s) or surname. An example is that of gg-grandmother Cecilia Jane ?. I do know that her maiden name was THOMAS.

6. A solid link between parents does not indicate at this point that the couple are married or not married. It simply means that these are the identified parents of a person.

7. A double dashed red link is my assumption that the two persons depicted are the same person.

I would certainly appreciate hearing from anyone who may have any SMITH information and or questions. And today is my volunteer day at the Family History Center.

Enjoy your coffee,



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