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13 May 2009


Poor Rescue Number 2... Bella did not appreciate the invasion by scalpel! And now she has to endure the "can't-get-at-the-itch, stuck-around-the-neck" doggy cone. Not a happy 12-pound puppy. Zucchini and eggplants and tomatoes and peppers and cantelope and watermelon are blooming.

I entered some new book and journal entries this morning to the Reference Library column at the left. I'm trying to add links to Internet location as to where a specific title may be available. The link hopefully will connect you directly to either a complete digitized image of the item or to a website where you may be able to obtain a copy. My apologies if a link may not always work, but I am not in any way marketing the linked website and therefore not responsible for its upkeep. I am just providing you an Internet address, where I may have got a copy of the item. Please note that I am also not responsible in any way for prices per posted on associated websites.

I'm working on images of SMITH baptisms from the Parish of Saint George in Grenada that I have been able to collect over the years. I believe I was able to obtain the images from a microfilm FHL 1523656, titled Parish registers, 1784-1971. The author attributed to the registers, by the Family History Library is the Anglican Church of the Parish of St. George in Grenada.

Some of the earlier registrations have been transcribed from original registers. The plurality of the registrations appear to have been microfilmed from the original documents. Generally I can make out the information provided, but at other times, due to what appears to be the "bleeding" of ink and the smudges, the registration is almost impossible to make out. Today's graphic and artistic software, like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Photo-Paint have tools that I can "extract" and "see through" the layers. With a bit, or a lot of manipulation of that which was written, and at various degrees of illegibility, I can "strip-away" layers, so-to-speak, to get a readable image.

The three images above are "renderings" of my original capture from the microfilm after I tried to "clean" it up. In this case the softwares I used were: Irfanview; FotoFinish; MS Picture Manager; and Corel Photo-Paint.

Just an FYI, this registration is the 1852 Baptism entry of great-grandaunt Grace Eliza SMITH, as discussed in my 9 May 2009 posting.




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