July 23, 2009 - 1860 July Merle Marriage Registration From Bordeaux - Translation Attempt - Part 27

23 July 2009

Good morning.

I'm perplexed, which of course is not to difficult to do. At times when I sweep the floor... (now remember I'm a retired banker) is one supposed to find those little flat silver batteries on the floor? You know the ones in watches and cameras? I can't figure out where they are coming from as I don't where any watch. I don't know if they're put into dog toys, that are always ripped apart by the pack... and for the life of me every piece of technology we have in the house is still working. Anyone?

And so you can see that my mind might just be going with the transcription of the marriage registration for great-great-grandparents Jean Jacques Alfred and Catherine Cora (née Merle) July. And again thanks to Yann and Thierry, and now Dieter I have an almost complete transcription that I have attempted to translate. I also found an instructional guide online from the Immigrant Ancestors Project from Brigham Young University and with a Church of the LDS copyright.

My translation is a first attempt and it provides quite a bit of information on eight ancestors all stemming from my search for great-grandmother Marie Antoinette. My translation of the legalese used in 1860 is a bit hazy.

If you come across any differences or errors that I may have made please feel free to email or contact me.
283 (repeat)

July (Jean)
Merle (Catherine)

On July 27, 1860 at 10 am we were given, a true copy of an act of marriage which reads: In the year 1860, May 2 at 5 pm at the Civil Registry of the Court on the island of Gorée, Sénégal, serving as a town hall for civil registration of the said island, Robert Henry Court Clerk of Court fulfilling the duties of officer in the jurisdiction of the said island and especially in this last capacity the undersigned appeared before us: Jean Jacques Alfred July, employed merchant, resident of Gorée, born in Bordeaux (Gironde) the 1st of June, 1833, according to a birth certificate delivered to the Mayor of that place, 9 December, 1859, by Mr Faure, Deputy Mayor of the said place, which remains attached to the following, son of age, of Jean François July, painter and Catherine Rosalie Dubuc, his wife, all residing in Bordeaux at 4 Rue Doidy, consenting to the terms of an affidavit signed by Mr. Alexander Caboy and his colleagues Notaries in the said city of Bordeaux, including the date of 27 January past, including the original certificate, to which it remains attached And Miss Catherine Cora Merle, of no profession, residing in Bordeaux, born in that place, 2 November, 1836, according to a birth certificate deliverd from Bordeaux, 19 December 1859 Mr. Jeane Faune, Deputy Mayor who shall remain hereto attached, daughter of age, of Jean Baptiste Merle, locksmith domiciled in the aforesaid Bordeaux 52 rue Lafontaine, consenting to the terms of an affidavit signed by Mr. Robion and his colleagues Notaries in the said city of Bordeaux, including the date of 19 December past, including the original certificate, to which it remains attached and Mrs Jeannette Etiennette Castix deceased wife of the said Mr. Merle, on the other part. That said, appearing before us required us to proceed with the celebration of marriage among them, and whose publications have been made in Bordeaux, known place of residence of the future bride, Sunday, the 5th and the 12th in February this year, following the certificate issued in that place by Mr. Dubreuilh, Deputy Mayor, the said 15th of February, which is attached to the present and at Gorée place of residence of the future spouses Sundays the 15th and 22nd this past April at 7:00 am, having no opposition to the said marriage which was required by us after reading all the parts mentioned above and in Chapter Six of Title Five of the Napoleonic Code on Marriage, have asked the future husband and the bride that they want to take each other for a husband and wife, and each have separately responded affirmatively sworn on behalf of the law, that Jean Jacques Alfred July Cora Merle and Catherine are united by marriage And immediately the said bridegroom declared that born to them were two children: Pierre Gustave Henry and Marie Amélie Blanche, both born in the city of Bordeaux, the first, the 10th of October, 1857, and the second, the 14th of November 1858 according to documents issued of the aforesaid place of Bordeaux, the 12th of October 1857, and the 15th of November 1858, living with them, the children of the said Bridegroom are declared legitimate. Everything has been assembled for this certificate in the presence of Messrs. Marc Manuel, merchant, 34 years old, Aloïs Ferehaud, employed merchant, 26 years old, Jean Baptiste Vezia, merchant, 30 years old and Joseph Christmas Barrère, merchant38 years old all residing at Gorée as witnesses present who signed with the Bridegroom and us the official Registrar officer, after all reading: Signed the true copy, Alfred July, Catherine Merle, Marc Manuel, Aloïs Ferehaud, and Robert Barrere, Signed Robert. By the legalization of the signature of Mr. Robert official registrar of civil registration at Gorée by us President of the Tribunal today the 6th of June 1860 signed: Auguste Maley by the legalization of the signature of Mr. Auguste Maly Imperial Judge and President of the Court by commander specific to Gorée and the dependencies today are 6 June 1860 per the delegation and Commander: The secretary archivist signed: Chaffard Lucon. By the legalization of the signature of Mr. Chaffard Lucon Paris on 18 July 1860. The Minister Secretary of State at the Department of Algeria and the Colonies the authority of the Chief Minister of the 1st Bureau of the General Secretariat signed: Ludovic Halevy. The Deputy Mayor.

This is enough to absorb in one posting.





Je suis perplexe, qui est évidemment difficile de ne pas faire. Parfois, quand je balayer le sol ... (rappelez-vous maintenant je suis un banquier retraité), est censé trouver un, ces petits plats d'argent des piles, sur le plancher? Vous savez ceux qui sont dans les montres et les caméras? Je ne peux pas savoir où ils sont en provenance, comme je ne suis pas d'où tout regarder. Je ne sais pas, s'ils sont mis en chien de jouets, qui sont toujours déchiré par la meute des chiens ... et pour la vie de moi, chaque pièce de la technologie, nous avons dans la maison, est encore fonctionnel. Quelqu'un?

Et ainsi vous pouvez voir que mon esprit, va fou, avec la transcription de l'acte de mariage pour les arrière-arrière-grands-parents de Jean Jacques Alfred et Catherine Cora (née Merle) July. Et encore merci à Yann et Thierry, et maintenant, Dieter, j'ai une transcription presque complet, que j'ai tenté de le traduire. J'ai aussi trouvé un guide pratique en ligne de l'Immigrant Ancestors Project, de l'Université Brigham Young, et avec un droit d'auteur de l'église de la LDS.

Ma traduction est une première tentative, et il offre pas mal d'informations sur les huit ancêtres, arrivant de ma recherche, pour arrière-grand-mère Marie-Antoinette. Ma traduction du jargon juridique, utilisé en 1860, est un peu floue.

Si vous trouvez toutes les différences, ou d'erreurs, que je mai ont fait, s'il vous plaît n'hésitez pas à l'email, ou contactez-moi.

Cela est suffisant pour absorber en une seule publication.




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