Happy No-Labor Day, Search Added, and A New Smith - Part 52s

07 September 2009


And why do they call Labor Day when no-one works. Shouldn't it be Un-Labor or No-Labor Day?

I was asked about cross-referencing in my Blog, specifically as to postings, documents, and data as they may relate to individuals in Descendant Charts... And you can imagine my first initial response. Eh, Toni? But after thinking it about it for a bit, I thought that it would be helpful if there were some ways to move around the Blog with a little more ease than just labeling and scrolling. You should all know what scrolling is, but labeling may be somewhat foreign.

At the bottom of each post, I've tried to include the surnames of each person I may mention in that posting. Over in the left-hand column, underneath the Descendant Charts, there is a list of Surname Labels. Each surname has a number in parentheses. The number means in how many posts I may have used that surname. In other words, you may see - Abraham(46). This means that I have labeled 46 posts with the surname Abraham. You can click on the surname Abraham, in the list, and the Blog will bring up every one of the 46 posts that I have labeled Abraham. You then have to tediously scroll.

I then thought that I would add a Search capability to my Blog. This will allow you to enter your search term(s) and the Blog will search, using Google, for every incidence of your search term(s). It will give you the ease to scroll through a list of summaries, of just my Blog, at where the engine finds your search term(s). There is a Search box at the upper right-hand corner and one near the left-hand bottom of the box. You're welcome.

Another facility that I've added, is more of a cross-reference key...

From now on, I will be adding a key code to the right-hand side of an individual noted in a Descendant Chart. This key code, for example B-P49s, will only be added if there may be an image of a document or copy of a document included in my Blog. The key code B-P49s translates to you will then have to find the posting Part 49s in my Blog to find the referred to and associated document. (I haven't as yet figured how to link directly from the Descendant Chart as it is an image and not in HTML.)

Hope these new additions will help navigating around my Blog.

And continuing on here are the Birth Registration and the Baptism Entry for granduncle Sidney Hutson Smith. (Please note that I will not, and I repeat, I will not include any documentation of any relative or individual who is currently living.)

The Birth Registration image is not in any great shape. I located the same from the microfilm FHL[1523204]: Civil Registrations, 1866-1940, Registrar General, Grenada.

My transcription, of the existing piece --
1. Name of the District - torn off,
2. Year - 1893,
3. Number of Entry - torn off,
4. Date of Registration - torn off,
5. Name of the Child (if any) -- ,
6. Sex - torn off, Total - 1,
7. Date of the event registered - December 18,

8. Place, or in in whose house the event occurred - Tyrrel St.,
9. Name of Parents of the Infant registered - W.J. & Ella M. Smith,
10. Name of party giving the information - W. H. R... torn off, and
11. Remarks and Observations - torn off.

By using the Date of Birth Registered "December 18, 1893", and the parents, my great-grandparents "W.J. & Ella M. Smith" I was able to match this to an entry in the St. George's Parish Church Baptism Register.

I was able to locate this page image of granduncle Sidney Hutson Smith's baptism entry from the microfilm FHL[1523656]; Parish Registers, 1784-1971, Anglican Church, Parish of St. George, Grenada.

Transcribed --
[Page 25]
BAPTISMS solemnized in St. George's Parish Church, in the Island of Grenada, in the Year 1894

1. When Baptized - Feb 8th,
2. No. - 16,
3. When Born - Dec 18th 1893,
4. Child's Christian Name - Sidney Hutson,
5. Parents' Name - Christian - William James & Ella Margaret Louise,
6. Parents' Name - Surname - Smith,
7. Mother's Maiden Name - Scott,
8. Abode - Town of St. George,
9. Rank, Occupation, or Profession of Father - Clerk, and

10. Minister Officiating - Wilfred Jones Bateman.

And here's the new Descendant Chart with the cross-reference coding.

Enjoy your Un-Labor Day,



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