Part 57s - Scrambled Eggs - My Next Y-Dna Results - Smith R1b1b2a

11 September 2009

Good Afternoon,

It's dark and raining... Sort of foiled my thoughts of working in the garden early one. And breakfast this morning: simple scrambled eggs, cantaloupe, and pears.

I re-did my eight-line Ancestral Chart, and am working on a 16-line one.

My next level of Y-DNA tests results have been returned.

This is a follow up to my posting at Part 50s. My confirmed Haplogroup is R1b1b2a, and the shorthand notation is R-L23. (I'm still waiting for 3CPO to knock at my front door.) The insert is a clipping from the page of my results showing my Haplotree from FamilyTreeDNA.

There is a good overall summary of Haplogroup R1b at Wikipedia. All the information that is out there can become confusing to a lay person, especially like myself, so I just take it a bit at a time. There is a lot of data to digest of R1b subclades at Eupedia but there is definitely some interesting reading.




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