Part 72r - 1861 Great-Grandaunt Agnes Robertson at 20 - Two New GGG-Grandfathers and Some More Cousins.

23 September 2009

And this genealogy just keeps me writing. (Sorry, updated correction... keeps me typing.)

Great-grandaunt Agnes Robertson is now 20 years old. It's 1861 and she is living at home at 11 Parr Street, in the Parish of St. Leonard in Shoreditch. In Part 71r, the 1851 home address was 10 Parr Street. Did the Robertson family move? Or were the numbers on the doors changed? The Ecclesiastical District of Christ Church Hoxton is the same.

The members of the Robertson household included:

  • Great-great-grandfather John, at 55 years. He is listed again, as an Iron Moulder, and he was born in Scotland.
  • Great-great-grandmother Margeret, at 48 years. This is the Margeret from Warrington, Lancashire. (In 1851 is was from Yorkshire. A quick read details that there appears to be a number of boundary changes between Lancashire and Yorkshire.)
  • Great-grandaunt Agnus, is single and 20 years old. Her occupation now is Bonnett Maker and her birth location is indicated as North Shields, Northumd. This is definitely Great-grandaunt Agnes. (It's amazing how many different spellings of the name Agnes I've come across so far.)
  • Great-granduncle William. He's 15 years old and following in the steps of his father, as he is also listed as an Iron Moulder. His birth location is confirmed as Liverpool, Lancashire.
  • Great-granduncle Thomas is 7 years old, a Scholar and was born in Shoreditch, Middlesex, and
  • Great-grandfather Alexander, is a year younger at 6 years old. He is also a Scholar and was born, as well in Shoreditch.
The only one missing from the household is great-great-grandfather John's eldest daughter Margaret. (To date I have noticed two spellings of the name Margaret.)

1861 England Census

Source -
The National Archives, London, England

The 1861 Census at 11 Parr St., in Shoreditch, now tells that the Robertson family continued living in the same area through at least 22 years later with the 1883 birth of great-grandaunt Agnes' niece, grandaunt Agnes Harriett, (see Part 67r).

That's when I started looking through the birth registrations that I have on file of great-grandaunt Agnes Robertson's three brothers: great-granduncle William Donnison; great-granduncle Thomas; and great-grandfather Alexander Pirie.

1845 Birth Registration - William Donnison Robertson
Father - John Robertson; Mother - Margaret (née Donnison) Robertson

Source: General Register Office, England

1853 Birth Registration - Thomas Robertson
Father - John Robertson; Mother - Margaret (née Magwire) Robertson

Source: General Register Office, England

1855 Birth Registration - Alexander Pirie Robertson
Father - John Robertson; Mother - Margaret (née Maguire) Robertson

Source: General Register Office, England

All three's mothers on the Birth Registrations were named Margaret. It's the Margaret's maiden names that produces a difference. Great-great-grandfather John Robertson had two wives. First Margaret Donnison, the mother of great-grandaunts Margaret and Agnes and great-granduncle William; the second, Margaret Megwire, the mother of great-granduncle Thomas and great-grandfather Alexander.

Great-grandaunt Agnes Robertson's mother Margaret (née Donnison) must have passed away sometime between 1845 and 1849. I say 1849 as I was able to find the Marriage Registration of great-grandfather John Robertson and his second wife, great-grandmother Margaret Megwire.

1849 Marriage Registration
John Robertson and Margaret Megwire

Source: General Register Office, England

Great-great-grandparents John and Margaret (née Megwire) Robertson were married at the District Parish Church of St. John the Baptist, Hoxton in Middlesex.

And now there is a surname spelling difference between Magwire, Maguire, and Megwire.

In the Marriage Registration we are introduced to my two great-great-great-grandfathers: Thomas Robertson and Thomas Megwire.

But wait, look at the listing of the family at 10 Parr Street in the 1861 Census above - William Robertson and his unnamed wife and their two sons Henry and William. And William, the senior's birth location is listed as Hamilton, Scotland. Coincidental? And another coincidence... My grandfather Frederick Robertson's middle name was Henry. Bingo!

What can I say? Make sure you check back. Still more to come on great-grandaunt Agnes. Remember my Blog address -

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