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28 September 2009


As you can see I've changed the title of my Blog to Genealogy, A Treasure Hunt - Family Records Search & Research... with a sub-title of Smith, Scott, Abraham, July, Robertson, Merrifield, Goodey, Crossley... and Quilts. I figured if you're looking for this Blog you're definitely not going to be searching in Google or Yahoo or Bing or AOL for JKL Smith. Just leave me out of the equation.

Well I picked the okra from my farm yesterday, with the intention of deep-frying them, in slices. It worked, except for one thing. In some of the slices it was almost like chewing on corn-husks, you know, crunching down on the tough exoskeleton of some crawly bug. I was trying to avoid the slime-ing of okra and instead I got something else. T'weren't very appetizing. And I just read that the okras, (again not sure about the plural), should be about the size of my thumb otherwise they would be too tough. Well hell, my okras were at least six inches, and all from one bush/tree, and they looked so good and fresh. It means that I would have to grow a forest to get enough to make a fair size serving. Mr. Green-Jeans won't be growing okra this fall.

The search for documents and paperwork continues... and continues, and continues.

This afternoon's genealogy treasures include both baptism entries and civil birth registrations. As the Grenada Civil Registrations do not include the name of the infant, I have to find the related baptism entry from the Parish Register to corroborate the information and determine who is who from the Civil Register entry.

The first is grandfather Hubert Lloyd Smith.

The first, the third son of William James and Ella Margaret Louise (née Scott) Smith, is grandfather Hubert Lloyd Smith. His baptism and birth entries follow.

Grandfather Hubert Lloyd baptismal entry is one of the four entries on the page. The other three; Irene Rosamond, Donald Wolsley, and Victor Arnold, including grandfather Hubert Lloyd were 2nd cousins and all baptised on the same day.

1883 Baptism Register
Sources: Anglican Church, Parish of St. George, Grenada,
and Family History Library,
FHL [1523656] Parish Registers, 1784-1971,
Anglican Church, Parish of St. George, Grenada

Transcribed --
Page 296

BAPTISMS solemnized in the Parish of Saint George
in the Colony of Grenada in the Year 1883

Born 6 Oct 1883 J.A.A.

When Baptised. 1883 Nov 8th No. 161645
Child's Christian Name. Hubert Lloyd
Parent's Name.
Christian William James & Ella M. L.
Surname. Smith
Abode. Town of St. George
Quality, Trade, or Profession. Merchant
By whom the Ceremony was performed. Jas Alex Anton Rector

1883 Civil Birth Register
Source: Registrar General, Ministry of Health, St. George's, Grenada,
and Family History Library, FHL [1523169] Civil registration,
1866-1940, Grenada

Transcribed --
No. Register of Births in District of St. George in Grenada for the Year 1883

Brought forward

No. of Entry 4595
Date of Registration. 1883 October 13
Name of the Child (if any). "
Sex. Male. 1 Female " Total 1
Date of the event registered. 1883 October 6
Place, or in whose house the event occurred. Hospital Street
Names of Parents of the Infant registered. William Jas Smith & wife Ella Margt
Name of party giving the information. N. A. Martin?
Remarks and Observations. Legt. Vac: Notice

Parts 78s and 79s to follow. Birth and Baptism records for grandfather Hubert Lloyd Smith's older two brothers: granduncle William Colthirst and Ivan Grayham Webster Smith.

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