Part 76g - Grandmother Madge (née Goodey) Robertson - GGGGG-Grandfather Joseph Goodey Descendant Chart

27 September 2009


Today I thought I would just sit back and take a calmer approach to my postings. I spent a part of this morning bleaching the front walkway and the back deck, which had been covered with very slippery black and various other molds.

I have so much detail and data, photographs, images, and files that I wonder if this has turned into a full-time job. Of course it has! There is just so much to get down and record that I, at times, forget that there may be other things to do. But as this has become a passion I can't see myself doing anything else in the major part of my day.

And this morning, I thought I would start and create a quick post to my grandmother Madge (néé Goodey) Robertson.

Moma, as I knew her, was born the 16th of February 1891 at 36 Belfield Old Road, in Rochdale. The red A marker on the inserted Google map pinpoints the approximate center of Belfield Old Road today in 2009.

Rochdale today is in Lancashire and is about a 12-mile walk north-northeast of the city of Manchester.

A month after she was born, her registration, dated 16 March 1891 was recorded in the Counties of Rochdale and Lancaster. Check out A Vision of Britain Through Time website for the Gazetteer entry for Rochdale.

1891 Entry of Birth
Source: The General Register Office, England

She was the eldest daughter of great-grandparents Joseph and Mary Alice (née Crossley) Goodey. Her younger siblings were grandaunt Claris/Clarice and granduncle Cyril Crossley Goodey. (Please note that I include as many spellings of names as I find on my source documents.)

Grandmother Madge (née Goodey) married grandfather Frederick Henry Robertson on the 5th of December 1912 in West Ham, in England. They did have 11 children.

I have included a new Joseph Goodey Descendant Chart. This Joseph Goodey would have been Moma's great-great-great, or my five-times great-grandfather. (And as always my Ancestral Line depictions are works in progress.)

I hope to get a couple of new quilts posted today.




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