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05 October 2009


This is something new. I'm using MS Word to publish directly to my Blog. This is an attempt for me to be a more efficient as I follow and publish the many tracks in my family genealogy.

And I've also decided to curb my enthusiasm. Not stop my enthusiasm of genealogy or quilting, or blogging or posting, just curb my zeal and gusto of announcing to the world that I've posted again… and again... and again. I'm going to set up a schedule of announcements. Just once a week on Friday… My fingers want to type email announcements multiple times a week, and I can hear your collective sighs. The whole world of Blogging is still somewhat foreign to me and I'm trying to make sure that my genealogy research and finds are also available to you.

This by no means implies that I am going to slow down my research, writing, blogging, and/or posting. Some days, as you know, I may have up to four posts or more. Without me loading up your email inboxes there are a number of ways that you can get notification that a new posting has been added.

  1. Set up a link in your homepage to A Genealogy Hunt or http://agenealogyhunt.blogspot.com.
  2. Subscribe to A Genealogy Hunt… Posts. This function is located in the tab line under the Header.
  3. Contact me at either of my email addresses: Jim at Tampabay or Gmail to be added to my announcement list.
  4. Check my announcements on Facebook, Twitter, or Technorati
  5. Call me.
Look forward to my Smith, Scott, Abraham, July, Robertson, Merrifield, Goodey, Crossley... and Quilts.




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