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04 October 2009


This morning I worked on updating my genealogical Descendant Charts as they correspond to the most recent postings. Both the Smith and the Robertson Charts are updated.

Also, I’ve been making sure that all quilts are pictured in the Quilts By esSBee section. I had three to add. And of course, there was a bug… actually my slip of hand, or should I say finger(s). It’s fixed now. Please feel free to contact me if you do hit some sort of error or faux-pas.

I worked on planting in the farm, yesterday. Florida is supposed to have three growing seasons, I hope. I planted papaya, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, zucchini, four types tomatoes, culantro, and basil, and six types of peppers, hot and mild. Hopefully Mr. Green Jeans will pull in the harvest this season. Just have to watch for the full-moon frosts beginning next month… not saying that the temperature is cold or cool right now. (Today is supposed to be 90°F or 32.2°C).

Just an fyi, I discovered that culantro may also be called long coriander. It’s not cilantro, but it is similar and somewhat stronger. Just like cilantro, culantro has a pungent odor that can be reminiscent of crushed bedbugs. Some people are fine with such a smell, but some people can barely stand it. In addition to the smell, both culantro and cilantro have a bitter, soapy taste, although this flavor is stronger in culantro. Not that I can say that I have any hankering for crushed bedbugs, but at one time potatoes were considered unhealthy and poisonous.

I continued a search on Henry Hersey Jaques, after the 1861 passing of great-grandaunt Margaret Ann and their daughter Margaret Agnes. But I’ve come to some sort of a standstill. Henry Hersey Jaques’ father was one, Thomas Jaques, who was born circa 1816 in Switzerland. I discovered three other Jaques, in the 1841 and 1851 Censuses in Middlesex, who were also Watch Makers and all born in Switzerland: John, bc 1795; Frederick Humbert, bc 1806; and Augustus, bc 1808. Sequentially they could be brothers; all from Switzerland and all with the same occupation, Watch Maker, but I do not have any further proof at this point in time. And as there is no blood relationship to me I have decided to shelf the research.

And I finally cleaned out one folder of files that I had been sitting in storage. Twelve files done… only plus-a-thousand more. I’ve got enough genealogical work to keep me going for the next 100 years.




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