My Tangent - Fog and Chowder

30 October 2009

I have been on my phone for almost three hours trying to understand a change in my benefit plan... Exasperation short of frustration.

This morning it’s somewhat overcast with a bit of fog, but not like the days in New Brunswick or Grand Manan. At least I know it’ll burn off shortly down here. And I just looked outside, fog gone, sun shining.

Last night supper sort of a chowder: Italian sausage, potato, carrots, onion, celery, garlic, cabbage, chicken broth and thyme. I used the food processor to chop up the “hard” vegetables as I didn’t want to wait the full extra hour of simmering to soften them. It worked.

I’m trying to get my hands around what I need to accomplish in the Blog in the next week.

My thoughts and expectations:
  • Farm – Plant peas and garden beans, from seed… Hah!
  • Blog – Update links
  • Web Site – Develop Dreamweaver start
  • Research – Smith and Freemasonry in Grenada
  • Research – GG-Grandfather James Smith’s generation and documentation
  • Research – Check to see if I have Baptism entries for gg-granduncle George Smith; gg-grandaunts Sophia (née Smith) Ventour and Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele
  • Research – GG-Grandfather Jacques Brunhammer
  • DNA – Understand new results of Robertson mtDNA, maternal DNA
  • DNA – Confirm results of Brunhammer YDNA
  • GenoPro – Update charts
  • GenoPro – Create Crossley, Scott, Abraham Descendancy charts
  • GenoPro – Create Doherty Descendancy chart
  • TMG – Begin new Brunhammer database
  • Create 16-Line Brunhammer Ancestral Chart
  • Quilts – Post Woven Scraps
  • Quilts – 5 more completed: 2 of 3 of Antique blends; 2 of 5 of Little Sisters; and Trains, Boats, Cars, and Trucks.
  • Quilts – Retake pictures, as sunlight made them look washed out.
  • Quilts – 7 tops done in progress to be quilted
And I'm still on the phone!!!

Try to enjoy your day,



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