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30 October 2009


Following up from Part 61s, and ggg-grandfather James Smith’s Last Will and Testament, I have been on the search for the baptism entries of all ggg-grandfather James’ children. These siblings include gg-grandfather James, Jr.; gg-grandaunts Eley, Sophia, and Mary Ann; and gg-granduncles George, Henry, and Thomas. To date I have been able to find four: gg-grandfather James, Jr. – Part 88s; gg-grandaunt Eley – Part 87s; gg-granduncle Henry – Part 89s; and gg-granduncle Thomas – Part 90s.

According to ggg-grandfather James’ Last Will and Testament (LWT) the phrase “To hold the _____ to her and her assigns for and during the terms of her natural life subject to the payment of the sum of Five pounds annually to Mary Smith The reputed daughter of my son George Smith for and during the term of her natural life,…” indicates the very existence of a son, George. George as indicated in the LWT had had a daughter, Mary. And of course, without knowing any other history, searching for a person with the name of Mary Smith is like searching for one named James Smith.

Coincidentally in my research I came upon a Baptism Entry dated 9 July 1828 in the St. George Anglican Church Parish Register for one Mary Victoire Smith. (Source: Microfilm FHL[1523656], Item 4, No. 1800) Mary Victoire Smith was born the 19th of February 1827. Her parents are entered as George Smith and Rose Scott. One of her sponsors was Mary Smith.

Sources: Parish of St. George, Anglican Church, Grenada  and  

My transcription –
A.D. 1828

Mary Victoire, daughter of George Smith & of Rose Scott, a free coloured woman, born on the 19th Febry. 1827, was baptised in St. George’s Church, on Wednesday the 9th day of July 1828, by me

Sgd. John Checkley, Officiating Minister
Elizbth McNure; Mary Smith; Thomas Begg Junr.
In the presence of; sgd. R. Baldwin, Parish Clerk.

Is Mary Victoire Smith “the reputed daughter” as indicated in ggg-grandfather James’ LWT? Coincidences and possibilities:

  • Her name is Mary Victoire Smith. The name is the same as Mary “the reputed daughter” of George Smith.
  • The father is George Smith. This could be George Smith the son of ggg-grandfather James Smith.
  • One of the sponsors is Mary Smith. This person could be the sister of George Smith, Mary Anne Smith.
  • If Mary Victoire Smith was born on 19 February 1827, it is possible that the father, George Smith could have been born around and before 1812.
Not presuming a birth date for gg-granduncle George, I know from the collected documents that there is a possibility that he could have been born sometime around or before 1812 and 1820.
Just I’ve just got to keep looking.

My next posts will be related to gg-grandaunts Sophie and Mary Ann.




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