My Tangent – Humidity – Hits - And I’m Listening…

28 October 2009


This morning it was humid. All the windows were trailed in heavy condensation. Right now humidity is 98%... and this means a 50% chance of rain. Huh? No matter what, you go outside, you get wet. Rain or humidity, or sweat!

Three weeks ago we were getting close to 40°F (4.4°C). Right now, at this minute it is 84°F (29°C). Pretty slick how one can figure this out at WolframAlpha. I keyed in "Temperature at 12345 (my zipcode)". And presto, wham! Try it out at WolframAlpha. Next full moons are November 2 and December 21. Clear night means colder weather.

I'm definitely trying not to get myself overwhelmed. Smith – Robertson, Brunhammer – Doherty, Quilting, and My Tangents. And of course this is just to mention my prime topics in my Blog. I certainly have to keep myself organized and focused in each specific direction.

As of last night I was informed that my Blog is being read at a sum total of an average of 41 minutes each day. What does that mean to me? It's fantastic news. It means that either one person is checking out my Blog every day for at least 41 minutes… Or 41 people are checking it out for at least one minute each day. Or 164 people are skipping through the postings at 15 seconds a hit, daily.


And sometimes it's just nice to listen to the music.




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