Part 95b – Brunhammer Descendant Chart II

27 October 2009


As I mentioned I have split the Brunhammer descendant line into two Charts: I and II.

Chart I (Part 93b) begins with Andy and follows his paternal blood line through Chart II.

The lineage is as follows:


Father - Eugene John Brunhammer; b.1920, Delaware, USA; d.2001, Delaware, USA

Grandfather – Harry Emmet Anthony Brunhammer; b.1891, Delaware, USA; d.1959, Delaware, USA

Great-Grandfather – Eugène A. Brunhammer; b.c.1868, Dornach, France; d.?, Delaware, USA

GG-Grandfather – Jacques Brunhammer; b.1837, Dornach, France; d.c.1910, Pennsylvania, USA

GGG-Grandfather – Joseph Bruhamer; b.1806, Höchstädt, France; d.1874, Dornach, France

GGGG-Grandfather – Sébastien Brunhammer; b.1780, Höchstädt, France, d.1862, Dornach, France

GGGGG-Grandfather – Conrad Brunhammer; b.1746, Bad Säckingen, France; d.1809, Höchstädt, France

GGGGGG-Grandfather – Joannes Conradus Bruhamer; b.c.1704,? ; d.1776, Bad Säckingen, France

As you can see the surname Brunhammer is represented in a number of different ways and spellings. To date, and dependent upon the source and sources, we have found the following iterations: Brunhammer, Bruhammer, Brunhamer, Bruhamer, and even Preenharness.

Please note that as always, this family history search and research project is always under construction. Data and input can and may change based on the availability and source of documentation and information. If you have any questions please comment here in the Blog or feel free to contact me by email.

Stay tune for more.




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