This Is My Tangent - Benefits and Cockles of My Toes

17 October 2009

No PC yet and so I'm rambling, sort of.

It's that time of year I just dread. Nothing to do with the weather. Nothing to do with people. Nothing to do with food. It all has to do with the time of year when I find out what health and welfare benefits have been cut-back from my existing plans. And sure enough they've done it again.

The plans have increased the deductibles. This time by 500%!!! Not 5%... Not 50%... but 500%. And there are no other choices. And nowhere to offset the increased cost of living. And the response I got to my inquiry is that it will only cost me $2.00 more a month. Total BS! I have to pay more for the privilege, to the powers that be, to increase the amount I have to put out. Mathematically that does not compute. I really thought if I paid more I would realize a reduction when I have to pay for services. Nope! The only offsetting positive is that I do not have to wait too long for a service or in a waiting room. Translation, if I want to live longer I have to pay more... That's the take home message. Okay so much for my soapbox... but think about it.

And guess what came in the mail this afternoon... The new benefits package. They could have saved the money and not cut down the trees!

It's now 67°F or 19.4°C. That's another 12 degree drop from yesterday and a 25 degrees from the day before. We're headed for our southern winter. My feet are cold. So it's Jamaican patties for supper, to warm up the cockles of my toes, if toes have cockles.

That's it for today,



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