This Is My Tangent - No PC and Taco Pie

20 October 2009


Frustration is now beginning to really set it in. I have not received any word on my PC, which is holding me back from doing quite a bit on my research. Carbonite even contacted me and wondered that they had not had connection to be able to back up. Well there's nothing to back up right now... and I know I'm going to have to make a Zap Cap insurance claim... to recoup parts, work, and services paid for "no service" connections.

I worked a bit on the Anderson Blog, which you can always check it out at Genealogy, The Anderson Garcia Saga. This is not a part of my own family lines but it allows me to focus and gain skills in areas of genealogy that I more than likely would never encounter. Its sort of a "hone my skills" project.

At times I may be researching and working in a specific area when a light bulb will flash, sort of "Hey! This is a technique I could be using with my Smith Family work. And do you realize that the new light-bulbs may mean that as we progress our ideas my be eco-friendly but a little bit more complicated.

And I really do not want to start a new project in my organization or the development of a website as I really do not know what I can do, if that makes any sense.

I spent some time learning more HTML coding which I'm sure will help on my intended website, but I don't want to crowd my efforts into this Blog.

Last night's supper was a Taco pie... flour tortillas, ground pork, onion, green peppers, jalapeños, Mexican and cheddar cheese, and tortilla chips... Sounded like a nacho, but no where the same amount of grease... I even made homemade Taco seasoning... No MSG!

And I could spend some more time whining, but it certainly won't get me much further.

Enjoy my PC-less day,



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