My Tangent - 30 More Days of Hurricane Season

01 November 2009


Clocks have gone back... which of course gave us an extra hour of hurricane season. And the countdown to Christmas has begun. I think I'm gonna put up my Cinco de Mayo decorations this year.

The peas and the beans have begun rooting. I'm not sure if a seed sprouts roots. I know it sprouts, shoots and sprouts, but what about roots? Trying to get my brain around that one.

And here's another one. I read yesterday that if you use hot water to make coffee in a coffee machine, the coffee machine will produce a hotter cup of coffee. So we tried it this morning, and then I asked the questions: "Does my coffee taste hotter? Or does it feel hotter?" But I don't go around feeling coffee. And it doesn't taste hotter, albeit not spicier. It is hotter, which is the way I like coffee.

And you can see where this morning is going.

The statistician in me had to look at the numbers of hits and page views to my Blog. Sort of an egocentric thing... but most definitely thank-you.

To October 31, from when I began in May of this year, there has been 1776 hits or visits. And there has been 3995 page views. Thanks. Also do a quick calculation it works out to and averages a total of 56 minutes a day that the Blog is being checked out.

The big surprise was my rating, for October 31 at, a real-time site which records Blog popularity rankings for Genealogy, as well as other topics and subjects. My Blog was Number 3!!! This morning, November 1, even before I posted My Tangent, my rating is Number 43. Check out the site.

And you can read where today is going to go.

Enjoy your coffee,



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