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01 November 2009


I received an email from Oshawa regarding the search for one great-grandfather, Manfred Percival Olton. He would have been the grandfather of Hezel "Bege" Albert Maclaine Olton, husband of my father's sister, aunt Cécile Esme (née Smith). It has been discovered that he was interred at Westbury Cemetery, at Bridgetown, Barbados.

Sources: Photo from, and Ⓒ 2003, Edith Clack

Aunt Cécile Esme (née Smith) Olton is included in a Descendant Charts which I created and can be accessed through this Blog. The Smith one, as well as the others can be seen in the left-hand column. There is a quick link - Go to Family Charts below – that you can click on that will take you to the beginning of all the Charts.

My response included that if the date of great-grandfather Manfred Percival Olton's death was available there may be information accessible through the Family History Library. If you have not used the FHL resources as yet it may be worth your while to see if there may be something family-related available. I believe there is a Family History Center, FHC, in Oshawa at 632 Thornton Rd. N. Their posted phone number is 905-728-3151.

There are a number of Barbados-related microfilms available for loan from Salt Lake City that would be sent to your name and for your use at the local FHC. One such series of microfilms, and there are 23 included, is titled Parish Register Transcripts, 1900-1931. All-things-being-equal you may be able to find the documentation of your great-grandfather's burial/death as it was recorded in the Parish of Saint Michael. If your great-grandfather passed away before 1900, these specific series may not be of help. But this specific series does have information regarding births, marriages and burials. Press this link to go to a summary page of the listing.

Another series, Barbados Parochial Registers, Series A, 1660-1887 (Other denominations) may include Catholic records. Other records may be found. At this link there may be something of worth that may assist you in your search.

One thing to know is that the Family History Library will not send books or documents to the Family History Centers. You have to go to Salt Lake City to look at anything that is print. If you know a specific page you can order a photocopy of that page at a minimal cost. Also, be aware that if the item is a CD or a DVD it may not be available for distribution. Microfilms are usually, in most cases, available to borrow for 30 days and microfiche are usually available for small cost per fiche. You usually can extend a microfilm for additional 60+ days past the due date.

The main search engine for the Family History Library has eight portals. One can enter; type any word(s) following the gist of their search.

I stand corrected but based on the information that I have received, no record has been found that great-granduncle Edward Adolphus Victor Abraham, of British Guiana (now Guyana) married Marian T. Mundy. It is purported that they did have a son who was named Henry Valentine Harry Abraham. Henry would have been my 1st cousin twice removed. I am descended from great-granduncle Edward (aka EAV)'s half-brother, my great-grandfather Frederick Abraham. (It is through family history via way of Australia that mention is made that Edward was half-brother to his other siblings.)

Great-grandfather Frederick's wife, my great-grandmother was Catherine Marie Antoinette (née July) Abraham. I have written a fair bit of great-grandmother Catherine Marie Antoinette in the Blog. You can follow my search and research if you type her name in the search block in the upper left-hand of the Blog.

The Family History Library is a tremendous resource and I have spent many hours perusing through microfilms and fiche of documentation and data.




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