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03 November 2009

Early morning,

I received, included in an email, a transcription regarding the passing of great-great-grandfather James Smith. Thank you, Daphne. The transcription was obtained from the St. George's Chronicle. (The inserted picture is one of The Carenage, or inner harbor of St. George's.)

St. George's Chronicle.
SGC Sep. 23 - Dec 1876

D. In town, Mon. 6 inst. [Nov. 1876], from heart disease, the result of repeated attacks of gout, James Smith, Esq., Architect, aged 59 years; leaving a disconsolate widow and grown up sons and daughters to deplore his death.


James Smith, Esq.

Occurred at his residence at Tyrrel St. Mr. Smith was an architect by profession, he returned to his native country after a thorough training in England, and at once exhibited talent. No building of any kind was undertaken except his advice and assistance were first obtained, the impression of his genius may be seen throughout the country. He was always ready to aid and improve Public works - notably the completion of York House. In many cases his services were gratuitous. Socially he was jovial and kind, a man of much intelligence, perseverance and energy…

He was a member and staunch supporter of the Free and Accepted Masons. His remains were followed to the tomb by brethren, who performed simple but impressive ceremonies.

Realizing that there be some merit investigating the possibility of gg-grandfather James' association with the "Free and Accepted Masons" I began a search of the same online. Bernard had been able to find and get a hold of some similar information regarding our gg-grandfather Benjamin Victor Abraham, of British Guiana and London, and a number of his brothers and sons.

I have most recently written Letchworth's (Freemason's Hall, London) Limited and requested a research into gg-grandfather James Smith's possible membership. I, all-things-being-equal, should be receiving results in about 12 weeks. An examination and search of The Library And Museum of Freemasonry online site catalogue presents 17 hits for the keyword "Grenada".

Another result of my search of the Internet Archive found the 1906 Edition of A Library of Freemasonry… Using search capabilities I was able to discover five pages with reference to "Grenada". The short historical facts presented may fit the time period of both ggg-grandfather James Smith and gg-grandfather James Smith, Junior. On the left-hand side of this site for a presented book, I really like the capability of being able to read the image of the physical book or document. And as a note, there are two pages referenced to "Georgetown or Demerara".

This is a beginning and continuation of a new treasure hunt. And I've just come across something that could be about ggg-grandfather James Smith, but it's late… and I have to go to bed.




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