Part 101h – Holmes Genealogy – New Descendant Chart

02 November 2009

Afternoon, I think... if I changed my clocks back.

Following through with the Brunhammer Eight Ancestral Lines, (see Part 94b), based on the research that has been accomplished to date I am constructing Descendant Charts for each line. Currently three genealogical Descendant Charts: Brunhammer I and II; Parts 93b and 95b, respectively; and Doherty; Part 99d are completed, as far as available data.

Today's Descendant Chart is the Holmes ancestry line. Myrtle H. (née Holmes) Doherty was Andy's grandmother. She was the youngest child of twelve children. Her eldest brother, granduncle John H. Holmes was about 23 years her senior. She was also the fifth daughter to great-grandparents John and Hannah (née Gallagher) Holmes. She married to grandfather Gerald Paul Doherty, Jr. 2 June 1920.

Please know that data included in this Descendant Chart, as well as in all created charts and diagrams may change based on the information and source documentation available.

Next Descendant Chart to follow, the McAteer line.




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