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12 November 2009


The farm appears to be enjoying this cooler weather. The zucchinis, the papaya and the tomatoes have blooms. I counted 10 miniature tomatoes this morning. Not that the tomatoes are stunted or a miniature, just that they’ve only just begun. Maybe this time? The bean plants are at about five inches high and the good sign is that they are sending up their second set of leaves, that’s two sets after the dicotyledons which, I know are not the real leaves. The pea plants are up to three inches high and, I suppose, the good sign is that they are beginning to send out tendrils. Some bugger seems to be making a meal of the cauliflower leaves, but the culantro looks healthy. And now I’ll just get me a set of bib-overalls and I’m set… as long as there’s a shopping cart in the wings.

And I'm thinking about beans, and Abbott and Costello... if this works, sit back and enjoy Jack and The Beanstalk. (I love the special effects, and I now really am amazed with the Internet and the Internet Archive.)

And making sure that I have a number of balls juggling in the air, the first of my expectations is to complete a Pierce Descendant Chart.

One never knows what one can find.




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