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13 November 2009

And I was wondering why I stay awake and not sleep like the dolphins. I’d get a lot more done in the course of 24 hours. Since they have to breathe air, and they have to stay submerged in water, dolphins have this mechanism that allows each half of their brain sleep for eight hours at a time. Their schedule: eight hours active; eight hours half-active; and eight hours half-active. Makes sense… Who cares about sand in Afghanistan? Let’s spend our tax dollars on trying to efficiently sleep and stay awake at the same time.

Hope you got the Pierce Descendant Chart yesterday, in Part 111p. The information that I used to create the Chart was data that I had had on file from a couple of years. Putting that Descendant Chart online made me realize that there’s one hell of a lot of work that I’ve got to do with the data filed in this house, on shelves and in my hard drives. I pulled down some of the binders and stacked them beside me and I’m now feeling a wee bit claustrophobic. Stay tuned for the Sheridan and Gallagher Descendant Charts.

I need to put reins on myself, and not extend into too many new searches, if I do expect to organize that which I hope to work on. Will, one of the exciting parts of this research, to me that is, is the searching for new (albeit old) documents, paper, and data. Yesterday I reviewed three new microfilms regarding my Collomiere, Dubuc, July, and Merle families in Bordeaux, France. And yes, all the documents are in French. The three microfilms consisted of birth entries between 1826 and 1828.

Some of the images are relatively clear, but there are those where the ink in the documents appears to have bled a lot. Also, it appears, in some cases that the writing nibs of the quills seem not to have been sharpened to a single point but left unfiled at a double point and therefore cause a duplicated writing... that is, writing of near parallel lines. My eyes were getting their exercise.

Today I’ve been reading and researching ways and means to improve the Blog. If you have any thoughts and or ideas, please email me.

And Paula, I've never had quail eggs outside of Sushi.




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