Part 117s – Smith Genealogy – 1850 Baptism - Great-Grandaunt Rosanne Maria Smith

15 November 2009

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I’ve got a dog in my lap with hiccups as I’m at the keyboard working on the family tree and genealogy. When she, Bella, arrived at our doorstep she was a dainty little thing. Now the pack mentality has most definitely taken a part of her life. She no longer broods over her bowl of her food. It’s gone in two or three gulps… and then she weaves herself through the legs of the larger dogs hoping that she can pick up a stray morsel or bit that has fallen between bowl, mouth, and floor. She’s fearless. In the morning when I let her out, she bolts down to the end of the picket fence, squeezes through and bounds after the teasing squirrels. And she always comes back. Bella’s a packet of energy.

Insert: Girls, The boardwalk – Tinker, back; Taylor, towering; and Bella, as always, front.

Found another Smith Baptism Entry in my genealogy research, this time great-grandaunt Rosanne Maria Smith. The date of the baptism is 20 November 1850. I can make out the written birth date, in the left hand margin of the page as the 10th of October 1849. This image is a page found on the microfilm FHL [1523656], Item 8, Parish Registers, 1784-1971, Anglican Church, Parish of St. George (Grenada). Question – Do you think the Smith family was a member of the Church of England? At least to the year 1850, and in Grenada?

Sources: Parish of St. George, Anglican Church, Grenada 
and Family History Library

My transcription -
Page 57

Baptism Solemnized in the Parish of Saint George in the Colony of Grenada in the Year of Our Lord 1850

Born Oct 10, 1849 J.A.A.
When Baptized – 1850 Nov. 20th, No. 435
Name & Age – Rosanne (could be Rosanna) Maria daughter of
Parent’s Name
Christian, Surname – James & Cecilia Jane Smith
Abode – Parish of St. George
Quality Trade or Profession – Carpenter
By Whom the Ceremony was performed – J.A. Anton, Rector.

Just a note: When you compare the various Baptism Entries from the same generations make sure to note that there are some incidental, albeit maybe major, differences.

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